Stellar Disbursement Platform

A Turnkey Disbursements Platform

Initiate and disburse bulk payments that move in real-time and settle instantly 24/7/365 with full certainty of funds delivery. Streamline recipient onboarding with seamless wallet creation and tap into Stellar’s network of global off ramps.

Key Features

Expand Your Payments Operations

Wallet Creation

Wallet Creation

Recipients can easily access funds with on-demand wallet creation via an SMS invitation.

Bulk Payments

Bulk Payments

Send payments to thousands of recipients in a single disbursement.



Track key metrics over time directly from the SDP dashboard.

Account Controls

Account Controls

Choose from four levels of user permissions to ensure privacy and control.

Case Study

How BIGGER Scaled Global Payroll with Digital Payouts

Global team, seamless payroll? It's possible! Learn how BiGGER uses the Stellar Disbursement Platform for transparent, cost-effective employee payments across borders. Discover the solution for your business.

How It Works

A Step-by-Step overview

Step 1

Initiate a Disbursement

Send payments to multiple recipients with a single csv file.

Step 2

Invite Recipients to Create Wallets

Send an SMS invitation to individuals to create their unique digital wallet and access their funds via mobile phones.

Step 3

Monitor Delivery of Funds

Track funds as they are disbursed to recipients’ wallets in real-time.

Step 4

Review Analytics

Track key metrics such as disbursement volume, average disbursement size, and asset type.

Step 5

Set up Account Controls

Add new users and review user permission settings to comply with privacy and financial management controls.

Making Your First Disbursement with the SDP

Julian Martinez, Senior Developer Advocate at SDF walks us through setting up a distribution account, uploading a csv file, and initiating a disbursement of USDC on a local deployment of the SDP.


Scales In Seconds


Access an intuitive interface and an API that fully integrates into your product suite.


Instantly send funds across borders with real-time visibility throughout the flow of funds.

Global Access

Convert crypto to fiat at over 300,000 off ramp points across the globe.

Use Cases

Send digital payouts of all sizes



Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid

Global Payroll

Global Payroll

SDP enabled wallets

Meet the Wallets

Several digital wallets are compatible with the SDP. These wallets enable recipients to quickly access their funds across the globe. Each wallet supports varying geographies and its own off-ramping to cash payouts, banks, mobile money, and more. Explore each to see which is the best fit for your needs.

Beans App

Supporting over 50 currencies with cash out available in up to 185 countries.

Learn More

Boss Money

Supporting local digital currencies and integrations in 10 countries across Africa, Boss Money is now available via smartphone or USSD for…

Learn More

Vibrant Assist

Supporting a streamlined user experience, this US dollar wallet was designed specifically to support humanitarian cash assistance programs.

Learn More

Freedom Pay Wallet

Access a digitalwallet specifically designed for users across Africa to send and receive funds via QR codes or directly to peers with no hidden fees.

Learn More


Technical Documents

Not sure where to begin? Explore hosting capabilities, access the open-source code, or review technical documentation. View the resources below to learn more.

Explore Disbursement APIs

Explore the infrastructure that powers disbursements.

Review the Instructions

Review the Frontend Code

Learn more about the Frontend dashboard.

Explore More

Review the Backend Code

Learn more about the Platform functionality.

Review the Code

View Dev Docs

Start integrating the Platform.

Read the Docs


All your answers to your questions.

Senders disburse funds directly to digital wallets created by recipients via SMS invitations to receive funds. When creating a disbursement, the organization selects a specific wallet provider to receive the funds.

There are four user permission levels that enable certain viewing and approval processes for disbursements to ensure data integrity and privacy. An administrator creates additional organization users and can set specific permissions by function.

Users can access transaction history and payment details directly from the Platform. All details can be exported to csv files that comply with industry standard accounting software.

Speak with Partnerships

Want to Know More?

Stellar Development Foundation provides support for businesses that are looking to implement the Stellar Disbursement Platform to their existing infrastructure. Please note, if you submit a non-company email, your meeting request will be denied.

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