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BiGGER Scales Global Payroll with Digital Payouts on the Stellar Network


Software development, humanitarian aid


Australia, Argentina

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Stellar Disbursement Platform

Cross-border Payments


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BiGGER is a software development company with a mission to remove barriers for early-stage startups to help them achieve their full potential. It does this by providing tailored software engineering services for early-stage startups.


Making payments really work

Companies that operate across geographical borders face significant operational and financial challenges in paying a global workforce. Fluctuating currency rates, transacting in multiple foreign currencies, and the manual nature of payroll administration for remote workers create friction for companies like BiGGER that rely on global operations to serve their customers. As these enterprises scale, human resources and treasury managers seek tools that streamline, automate, and reconcile payroll to minimize risk and operational costs.

BiGGER, an Australian company providing training and business planning to non-technical founders building and scaling technical startups, experienced exponential growth throughout 2023. In six months, it tripled its employee count adding a significant concentration of employees based in Argentina. In doing so, BiGGER realized there were some challenges in paying a dispersed workforce with its existing crypto payout solution. Using crypto to pay workers proved to be a faster and low-cost option for the company, but the process itself still left opportunities for improvement.

Each pay period, the staff would manually transfer funds from an operating account and issue individual payments to each employee. As the workforce grew, this manual process proved difficult to scale. New employees were required to provide their digital wallet credentials prior to their first payment in order to be added to the payroll. This was not only manual, but increased risks of user error during wallet creation and for administrators establishing a new payee.


Deploying the Solution

BiGGER staff realized they needed a turnkey and intuitive solution to send cross border bulk payouts to their global workforce. Although costly and high-touch manual processing was the reality of BiGGER’s payroll administration, the release of the open-source Stellar Disbursement Platform (SDP) enabled staff to quickly deploy an instance, sending bulk payouts with certainty and transparency in seconds. Processes that previously took 8 hours per month over multiple payroll cycles are now completed in minutes - such as reviewing payout amounts to include any withholdings, uploading a single csv file, and inviting employees to access funds. Employees can view and confirm funds immediately via Beans app, a digital wallet providing free global money transfers using stable digital assets.

This is especially meaningful to employees in Argentina who face significant currency devaluation, making it difficult to anticipate the amount they would receive and hold in Argentine Pesos. With payroll initially disbursed in USDC, a regulated, digital currency that can always be exchanged 1:1 for US dollars, employees have predictability in their digital payout amount. The digital wallet empowers them with choice as to when and how to access funds with the ability to cash out in local currency as needed.

BiGGER’s technical team first learned of the SDP as an active member of the Stellar network’s ecosystem and through their participation in the community Discord. After accessing the developer documents and Github, they were pleasantly surprised by the solution’s user-friendly and intuitive interface. With initial support from the Stellar Development Foundation team, BiGGER’s developers quickly deployed the solution in several days.

Scaling the Solution as a Host

Learnings from that first deployment proved to be invaluable, when a Mexico City migrant shelter needed to issue cash assistance to support career training to nearly 50 residents. BiGGER applied its SDP instance to host Casa Tochan’s digital aid transactions on behalf of the organization. This host model enables organizations that don’t wish to stand up their own SDP to still access the speed, transparency, and scalability of digital aid. Within a few hours, Casa Tochan residents retrieved their digital aid balance from their digital wallet. BiGGER will continue to offer technical assistance and work with Casa Tochan to build and deepen their digital presence and strengthen the ability for them to serve their residents.

BiGGER is the perfect example of a company leveraging open source tools on Stellar in order to make an impact. With minimal help from SDF, BiGGER implemented the Stellar Disbursement Platform for their contractor payments and on behalf of humanitarian organizations, helping tangibly achieve more equitable access to the global financial system for people across the world.

Tori Samples, Senior Product Manager, Stellar Development Foundation

How it Works


BiGGER developers reviewed the open-source developer docs and deployed the Platform


BiGGER staff prepares payroll file and uploads to SDP for payout to employee’s Bean App wallet


Employee reviews balance and can keep USDC in wallet until needed


Employee can cash out or transfer funds

BiGGER Benefits

  • Streamlined payroll processes that are completed in minutes with bulk uploads and easy to use on-demand wallet creation for new employees
  • Fewer user errors in processing reduce operational costs
  • The ability to transact with blockchain-based digital assets avoids costly foreign currency fees for cross-border payments
  • Confidence in the status of funds delivery with enhanced transparency directly from the SDP dashboard

Employee Benefits

  • User-friendly SMS invitation provides fast access to funds in a digital wallet
  • Protected wallet balances due to stablecoin assets that are backed by hard currencies like the US dollar
  • Access to Argentina pesos as needed to send funds to peers, bank accounts, or save for the future

The Stellar Disbursement Platform allows BiGGER to pay 90+ contractors in Argentina in a way that's convenient to both parties, in a matter of minutes, with negligible fees, and takes out the guesswork of when funds will arrive.

Fabricio Sodano, Founder, BiGGER

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Stellar Development Foundation provides support for businesses that are looking to implement the Stellar Disbursement Platform to their existing infrastructure. Please note, if you submit a non-company email, your meeting request will be denied.

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