Welcome to the Stellar Network

Fast, efficient, scalable, and affordable. Explore how the Stellar network was designed to seamlessly create and send digital assets to reach users everywhere — and to make a lasting impact on the future of finance.

The Design

A Network Optimized for Payments

The Stellar network is an open-sourced, public blockchain powered by the Stellar Consensus protocol (SCP), a proof-of-agreement (PoA) consensus mechanism. Thanks to PoA, the Stellar network is faster, cheaper, and far more energy-efficient than many other blockchains.

Its core design makes it easy to create and issue digital assets that enable rapid payments at low-cost around the world. The Stellar network allows you to create your own currency or token within the network and distribute it digitally on a large scale. On the Stellar blockchain, you can create, send, and trade digital representations of almost any form of value such as – US dollars, Argentine pesos, gold, and real estate. Then, the network acts as a bridge that connects financial systems and makes global interoperability a reality.

The Benefits

Fast, Efficient, Scalable, Affordable

Fast to Finality

The Stellar network transactions are confirmed within 5 seconds, with all time average ledger speed at 5.19s

Energy-Efficient Design

Research showed the Stellar network’s footprint is the equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 33.7 US homes’ electricity use for one year.

Transactions at Scale

The Stellar network can process 1000 t/s and can handle volume comparable to SWIFT. It has processed more than 13 billion operations since 2015.

Affordable for Developers

The Stellar network performs transactions for a fraction of a US penny, with the average transaction cost = .000002 XLM.

What You Can Do on the Stellar Network

Issue Your Own Assets

On the Stellar network, you can create a redeemable, tradable representation of almost any form of value called tokens. Tokens are most useful when tied to currencies, such as digital dollars, pesos, or euros since they make payments borderless and instant. However, the Stellar network allows you to tokenize many forms of value, like real estate or gold or an hour of your time as a consultant. Customize tokens for YOUR unique use case and make use of Stellar tools to cover some of your compliance needs.

What You Can Do on the Stellar Network

Send and Trade Tokens

The power of the Stellar network lies in its decentralized exchange. All tokens on the network are exchangeable, connecting buyers and sellers directly. With a simple operation, users submit bids or asks to the network, and compatible trades automatically resolve every few seconds. No intermediaries, no custodians, just seamless decentralized exchange.

What You Can Do on the Stellar Network

Convert Currency As You Send It

Users can send any one currency on the network and have the recipient receive another, all in a single transaction. No need to worry about exchange risks or delays. The Stellar network’s decentralized exchange (DEX) or automated market makers (AMMs) ensure optimal rates for swift, smooth transfers between different currencies.

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