Use Cases

What Stellar can do for you

From cross-border payments to tokenizing real world assets, there are so many powerful use cases on the Stellar network that are free-to-use and easy to implement. Explore what you can build and see why everyone from solo app-makers to banks, enterprises, and projects around the world are building on the Stellar network.


Cross-Border Payments Without Friction

Scale payments globally and expand to new geographies with 24/7/365 settlement on the Stellar network. Harness the versatility of cross border payments that can power remittances, meet payroll, invoice suppliers, maintain treasury balances and more.

On/Off Ramps

One Set of Standards

Many major countries remain reliant on cash-based payments. With Stellar Ramps, you can provide a simplified way for customers to move cash onto your application, or connect via traditional payment methods. Just one integration connects your application to Stellar’s global network of on and off-ramps, providing you a new payment and onboarding service for your users worldwide.

Asset Tokenization

Digitize Real World Assets

With the Stellar network, you can easily create, issue, and manage digital representations of fiat and Real World Assets (RWAs). Tokenize value from CBDCs, stablecoins, securities and more, and leverage the Stellar network’s built-in customizable features and compliance tools to help meet your organization's use case and standards.

Aid Assist

Borderless Aid Innovation

Cash-based interventions serve as a lifeline to millions worldwide in support of basic needs. Stellar Aid Assist leverages the power of the Stellar network and the ecosystem built around it to get money into the hands of those who need it, quickly and at low cost. It's fast to deploy and can scale quickly to meet a moment of crisis.

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