On and Off-Ramps


Stellar Ramps is a suite of open standards enabling your application to connect to a global network of anchors operating on the Stellar network. With one seamless integration, you can access the fiat-to-digital on and off ramps provided by anchors and offer new payment and onboarding services to your users worldwide.


Expanding financial services

Stellar Ramps is the simplest way for your application to partner with anchors without custom integrations. Using one set of interoperable standards, you can integrate with anchors to access new users and markets, seamless compliance services, and new payment services such as global cash in and out destinations.


Businesses transferring value from fiat-to-digital, or digital-to-fiat on and off the Stellar network.


Applications enabling users to buy, hold, and transact with their digital assets.

Become an Anchor

Just one integration

Provide Cash to Crypto Access

Provide Cash to Crypto Access

Offer access to powerful digital assets like USD Coin (USDC) that enable customers to cash in and out of their digital assets.

Plug Into the Digital Ecosystem

Plug Into the Digital Ecosystem

Open your services to the digital asset ecosystem with one integration to reach new customers and create monetization strategies.

Offer Cost-Efficient Transactions

Offer Cost-Efficient Transactions

Maintain competitive rates and margins for your services with the Stellar network’s low transaction fees.

See the Stellar Network

Join a network of businesses providing access to fiat and digital financial services.

For Wallets

Extend your reach

Building on the Stellar network’s open standards, your application can connect to the financial services offered by anchors and extend your reach to users in local economies across the globe.

Break Into New Markets

Break Into New Markets

Expand into new geos or strengthen your last mile rails in existing markets.

Support New Payment Services

Support New Payment Services

Expand your payment solutions for users in differing economies, enable them to transact with cash, USDC, and other digital assets.

Seamless Verification

Seamless Verification

Enable seamless user onboarding and KYC through user-friendly interfaces built either by your application or an anchor.

Projects that use Stellar Ramps

Case Study

Moneygram Access

Get access to cash pickup and drop-off at thousands of participating locations around the world.


Frequently Asked

On and off-ramps are payment services that enable users to convert value between fiat and cryptocurrencies. More specifically, an on-ramp lets you exchange fiat currency for crypto. While an off-ramp lets you exchange crypto for fiat currency.

On and off-ramps provide buy and sell or deposit and withdrawal services for users between fiat and crypto assets. Supported fiat payment methods will differ depending on the on and off-ramp institution.

Users can access on and off-ramps through a digital wallet application or a crypto exchange. When you enter your wallet and select buy and sell or deposit and withdraw, you may see an option to convert your fiat for crypto (or vice versa) through payment rails including an exchange, bank card, wire transfer, cash or more.


Want to know more?

Access the Stellar network’s global on and off-ramps with one set of standards. To learn more about integrating Stellar Ramps, review the developer documentation here and here.

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