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The Stellar network’s community spans the globe—from independent developers in Nigeria to regulated financial companies in Germany. We work together to build an open network and transform the global financial system.

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Updates and news with a focus on business applications and partnerships, along with articles and thought leadership pieces from industry experts.


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Unleash the Stellar network’s full potential by visiting our active hub of innovation on GitHub, the internet’s premier developer repository.


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You got questions, we got answers. Find them here on our Q&A site for devs and users of the Stellar network.


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The Stellar Social Club is a place to make connections with other builders, those who are crazy passionate about the Stellar network, and the people behind the scenes at SDF. Point is, trust, communication, and connection are at the heart of it all.

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Ecosystem Programs

Stellar Community Fund

The Stellar Community Fund draws on community input to support developers and startups building on the Stellar network and Soroban.

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SCF Startup Camp

A virtual and global bootcamp for startups wanting to submit project applications to the Stellar Community Fund.

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Token2049 Singapore



Come meet the Stellar Development Foundation team at TOKEN2049 in Singapore, the premier gathering for the global crypto community.



Carolyn Yi

Decentralife feat. Reeps100, Artist and Founder of Voice Gems


Explore the inspiring journey of Harry Yeff (Reeps100), an acclaimed media artist and creative technologist, as he pushes the boundaries of art and…



Anuhya Challagundla

Cash-to-DeFi: the Consensus X EasyA 2024 Stellar Hackathon

The Stellar Cash-to-DeFi Challenge at Consensus X EasyA 2024 Hackathon brought together a diverse group of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and…



Bri Wylde

Announcing the Deep Dive Docs Bounty

Starting May 29th through August 7th, 2024 get awarded for contributing to the Stellar Developer Docs as part of the Deep Dive Docs Bounty (it’s…



Adam Minehardt

Standing with the Industry on FIT21

SDF recently joined industry counterparts in signing onto a letter voicing support for the core principles behind the bipartisan Financial Innovation…


Developers on Stellar: Elliot Voris

It’s time for another edition of Developers on Stellar — and this one’s a bit different because our spotlighted dev became a Stellar Development Foundation employee today! Elliot has been a huge part of the Stellar community for a while, and we’re so excited to have him on the DevRel team. Read on to learn about his developer journey!

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Grants, Workshops, and Publications

The Stellar Development Foundation supports technological and scientific research through its in-house research team and its academic grants program.

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Follow our weekly podcasts and videos for all the latest updates and discussions of the Stellar blockchain.

block by block

Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director at Stellar Development Foundation explores how blockchain is transforming real estate, with expert insights…

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Tech Talks with Tomer

Tomer Weller, VP of Product at Stellar Development Foundation, speaks with some of the smartest engineers in blockchain about the biggest innovations…

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SDF YouTube

Video updates and announcements about everything Stellar-related.


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