Bulk Disbursements with Beans App and Boss Money


Dana Bernard

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Stellar disbursement platform


What's new?

Two new wallets have joined the Stellar disbursements ecosystem, Beans App and IDT’s Boss Money. Each wallet is now available within the Stellar Disbursement Platform (SDP), an open-source bulk payment solution that supports a wide variety of payment possibilities including supplier invoicing, payroll, payments to contractors and gig workers, and government payouts. Both apps enable senders and recipients worldwide to access funds across borders through their SDP integration*.

Sending disbursements to anywhere

The Beans App is a robust money transfer wallet application offering simple and quick funds access through cash off-ramps, bank transfers, and an easy to use interface for senders and receivers, including non crypto-native users. Boasting competitive conversion rates and support for QR code payments, Beans was developed with convenience and functionality in mind.

End user recipients can send funds to friends and family in over 50 currencies, cash out funds in over 185 countries with Moneygram or withdraw funds in 130 countries via bank partnerships. Organizations that wish to disburse funds anywhere in the world directly to workers, humanitarian beneficiaries, or suppliers while avoiding high network fees and porting over wallet keys, can utilize the Beans app to send payments of almost any kind.

No smartphone, no problem

The Boss Money wallet offers ease and convenience, in addition to supporting over 10 countries across the African continent. Users can access funds, convert currencies, pay bills, send funds to family and friends globally, and save for the future. The Boss Money wallet is also available for non-smartphone users without internet access through a USSD interface accessed via a short code.

Recipients will be able to store multiple currencies within the app and receive funds from US-based customers sent via the Platform.

With a bulk disbursement integration powered by the Stellar network, the Beans App wallet and the Boss Money wallet bring greater versatility and financial access to new regions of the world. To learn more about Stellar’s ecosystem of wallets or the Stellar Disbursement Platform, visit our website.

*NOTE: Both wallets require an agreement with your organization in order to whitelist your organization to send payments.