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Leverage a robust set of tools and products to harness the full potential of the Stellar blockchain. Check out all that's available to help you build on and explore the network.

Products & Tools

Solutions and Products

Leverage solutions to build on the Stellar network faster and with ease.

MoneyGram Access™

Integrate MoneyGram’s global cash-to-crypto on and off-ramp rails directly in your app for your users.

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Disbursement Platform

Disburse bulk payments that move in real-time and settle instantly.

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USDC and EURC on Stellar

USDC and EURC on Stellar leverage the efficiency and reach of the Stellar network to power innovative financial services for your institution.

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Anchor Platform

Leverage our out-of-the-box solution to simplify your Stellar integration while reducing time and cost.

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Wallet SDK

Implement the Wallet SDK to offer innovative payment services powered by the Stellar blockchain’s global network of on and off-ramps.

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Stellar Asset Sandbox

Explore issuing an asset on Stellar in as little as 4 steps, no code required.

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Explore and Understand

The Shape of the Network

Anchor Directory

View the network of anchors building on the Stellar blockchain.

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Explore businesses and projects in the Stellar ecosystem.

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Live metrics about the Stellar public network and testnet.

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Transaction Explorer

Explore transactions and network activity on StellarExpert.

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Node Explorer

View network nodes on Stellarbeat and visualize consensus.

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Monitor and Interact

Interact with the Network

Monitor your account and create transactions.

Account Viewer

The Stellar network helps make cross-border payments fast and efficient.

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Compose complex transactions and explore Stellar operations.

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Store and Send Assets

Use apps called wallets to store your private key, hold assets, send payments, and more.


Vibrant is a Stellar network wallet that makes it easy to turn cash into crypto and crypto into cash.

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Lobstr is a non-custodial wallet for holding, sending, and exchanging Stellar network assets.

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Ledger Live


Ledger Live lets you manage Stellar network assets with the security of your Ledger device.

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