Cross-Border Payments

Global Payments That Settle Instantly

Scale your payments globally and expand to new geographies with 24/7/365 settlement on the Stellar network. Harness the versatility of cross border payments that can power remittances, meet payroll, invoice suppliers, maintain treasury balances and more. Maximize the speed and low transaction costs of the Stellar network’s payment rails to access over 300,000 global cash to crypto on and off ramp locations that deliver affordable and fast last-mile payments.

How It Works


Expand your business with versatile payments solutions that remove reliance on traditional cross border payment rails. Access the Stellar network’s global ecosystem of anchors, wallets, and cash to crypto on and off ramps with interoperability standards that can connect your business with financial institutions, exchanges, fintechs, and more.

Use Cases



Support payments between individuals to cover everyday expenses.

Business Invoicing

Invoice suppliers and other enterprises without pre-funding accounts.

Global Payroll

Payout wages in local currencies with no minimum transaction requirements.

Treasury Management

Maintain liquidity in operating accounts without pre-funding accounts.

Social Payouts

Issue partial and full payments for grants, aid, and government services.

Enterprise Payouts

Reconcile corporate payouts without pre-funding accounts.

Merchant Settlement

Process payouts and easily convert funds back to a single operating currency.

Solving Real-World Problems


Explore how businesses use the Stellar network to connect to new payment channels and meet their payment needs across the globe.


An all-in-one enterprise payment platform offering programmable cross-blockchain settlement for merchants.

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Felix & Bitso

A Whatsapp based remittance service that allows users to send money across borders quickly and cheaply.

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A payments integration service that powers global payments with an AI enabled digital asset custody, transfer and settlement platform.

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A real-time card-based payment solution that enables customers to access digital assets in fiat currency.

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Scale Your Payments in Seconds


The Stellar Disbursement Platform can power your businesses payments to recipients who create wallets on-demand and access funds instantly. Anyone with an internet connection can access this intuitive turnkey solution to scale their payments operations.

Case Study

How BIGGER Scaled Global Payroll with Digital Payouts

Global team, seamless payroll? It's possible! Learn how BiGGER uses the Stellar Disbursement Platform for transparent, cost-effective employee payments across borders. Discover the solution for your business.


An Answer to all Your Questions


Each anchor or payment service provider offers their own fee structure. Companies can choose to charge fees for transactions or forex or may charge no fees at all, depending on their own cost structure. The underlying Stellar network itself has extremely low transaction fees, typically charging less than 1 US cent for every 100,000 operations.

Digital assets of any type can be transmitted over the Stellar network at low-cost and can settle in seconds. Remittances, peer-to-peer payments, account-to-account transfers, payroll, supplier invoices, government, and ecommerce payments are examples of cross-border use cases that leverage the Stellar network rails.

The Anchor Directory allows you to filter by asset type, interoperability standards, country, and name. Learn more details about how anchors build solutions to solve real-world problems on the Stellar network in Case Studies.

Businesses operating on Stellar are responsible for determining their own compliance obligations based on the nature of their services and the countries they operate in. Financial institutions known as anchors, offer on and off-ramp services and conduct KYC, AML, CFT, and sanctions checks in accordance with their obligations.

The Stellar network offers interoperability standards to support cross-border payments via common integration requirements. Companies that integrate directly with the Stellar network through an anchor can choose from additional interoperability standards based on their specific needs and use cases.

Businesses that directly integrate with the Stellar network via anchors access a network of fully fiat (traditional currency) acceptance and distribution partners including licensed and regulated financial institutions, money service businesses, or fintech companies that provide fiat on and off ramps. Each determines appropriate country-level screens to comply with money-laundering, customer verification, and sanction requirements.

Any digital asset can be transferred on the Stellar network including Lumens. Lumens are the protocol token of the Stellar Network and you can learn more about them here.


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