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Plug Into MoneyGram’S Global Reach

Now your wallet or application can enable users to convert their physical cash into digital dollars and back – even if they don’t have a bank account.

Reach New Customers

No Bank Account Required

Your application can now plug into MoneyGram’s global retail network with one integration, letting your users deposit or withdraw cash from their digital wallets via Stellar USDC without needing a bank account. With MoneyGram’s presence in over 180 countries, this single integration makes it easier than ever for your app to reach a truly global audience.

How It Works


Users enter the amount of local currency they want to withdraw from their USDC balance.


Your users provide their information and select a MoneyGram location for cash payment, all within the wallet app.


Your users exchange their cash for USDC at the selected MoneyGram location. The USDC balance then becomes available within your app.

How it Works

MoneyGram Access Tutorial

Key Benefits

One Integration, Multiple Benefits

New Payment Service

New Payment Service

Enable your users to top up their digital wallet balance with cash transactions.

Reach New Customers

Reach New Customers

Expand your user base by onboarding a new segment of users based in the cash economy.

Leverage USDC on Stellar

Leverage USDC on Stellar

Use one of the fastest-growing digital dollar stablecoins for near instant, low-cost cash transactions.

Easy Implementation

Easy Implementation

Connect directly with one integration or leverage a service provider to integrate cash access globally.

Streamline Onboarding

Streamline Onboarding

Your users can complete KYC and confirm transactions through MoneyGram’s user-friendly interface in your app.

Access the Stellar Network

Access the Stellar Network

Access new financial services and customers through the global Stellar anchor network.


Join a Growing Ecosystem

Developer Docs

How to Integrate

Follow a step-by-step tutorial that guides you through the technical requirements for integrating MoneyGram Access into your existing application.


Want to Know More?

For any MoneyGram specific questions or to apply for the MoneyGram Access™ Marketing Awards Program reach out to MoneyGram.

For any Stellar network specific inquiries, fill out the contact form.

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