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Taurus Custody and Issuance Platforms Now Available on Stellar

Taurus, a global leading digital asset infrastructure provider, announced today that its custody platform, Taurus-PROTECT, and its digital issuance…

Read more Trust Company Announces Launch of Stablecoins GYEN and ZUSD on Bitstamp Trust Company, Inc. (“GMO Trust”) announced the listing of the Japanese yen (“JPY”) stablecoin, GYEN, and ZUSD, the U.S. dollar (“USD”)…

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Draper University To Invest in the Stellar Ecosystem with New Accelerator Programs Focused on AI and Soroban

Draper University, a leading blockchain education and acceleration program, today announced its support in growing the Stellar ecosystem through the…

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Stellar Statement on WisdomTree Prime being available to users in 41 states

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), the nonprofit organization supporting the development and growth of the Stellar network, today welcomed the…

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Smart Contracts Launch on Stellar

Decentralized Finance

Smart contracts



Smart contracts on Stellar marks the network’s biggest upgrade in its 10-year history. Already a world leader in crypto payments, Stellar now…

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usdc eurc icon

Yellow Card introduces USDC on Stellar

Stellar USDC


Cross-border payments

This integration brings the robust features of the Stellar network of fast and cheap low transaction fees with the rapid growth of one of the world's…

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STASIS Integrates Euro-Backed Stablecoin EURS on the Stellar Network


Vertical: Payments

Digital Assets

STASIS euro-backed stablecoin EURS is live on the Stellar blockchain. This integration brings a new digital version of the second-most widely used…

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A Milestone in Smart Contract Security: Certora Teams Up with the Stellar network's Smart Contract Platform Soroban



Smart contracts

Soroban, the Stellar network's smart contract platform, will be the first WASM-powered project supported by industry-leading security firm Certora

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EURC Launches on the Stellar Network

EURC launches on the Stellar network, revolutionizing cross-border payments with its fast and secure blockchain technology.

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MoneyGram Announces Plans to Launch Non-Custodial Digital Wallet

Debuting in Q1 2024, the wallet will enable consumers to leverage stablecoin technology to seamlessly move from fiat to digital currency, to fiat…

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Allbridge Launch Connects Stellar Network to Ethereum, Solana,Celo, and Polygon

Strategic Investments


Product Releases

Project Updates


Allbridge Launch Connects Stellar Network to Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. Stay updated with the latest news and developments in the crypto world.

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Stellar Development Foundation Announces Meridian 2023: Unlocking Human Potential

Project Updates

SDF Hosted



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