Open Protocol Discussion (7/29/21)

Date and time

Highlighted Speakers

David Mazières, Eric Saunders, Karen Chang, Leigh McCulloch, Nicolas Barry, Jed McCaleb, Jonathan Jove, Orbit Lens, Siddharth Suresh, Tomer Weller and Justin Rice




Join us for a live stream of the Stellar Open Protocol Discussion on July 29th at 2:00 PM ET! In this meeting, we will discuss two Core Advancement Proposals (CAPs) that lay the groundwork for building payment channels on Stellar: CAP-21, which would generalize transaction preconditions, and CAP-40, which would allow participants in a payment channel to safely exchange signatures for a set of up to three transactions in a single-step.

This is a technical discussion, so if you are interested in following along, you may want to prepare by reading the proposals themselves, along with the Stellar Developers Group discussion about them:



If you would like to participate in future discussions about protocol changes, join the Stellar Developers Google Group!