Open Protocol Discussion (2/17/2022)

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Justin Rice

SDF Hosted



Join us for a live stream of the Stellar Open Protocol Discussion! In these meetings, we discuss and plan for changes to upcoming versions of the Stellar Protocol. This week, we will talk through revisions to CAP-42, a proposal that would give validators control of which fee policy to use for individual transactions included in a ledger. We will also cover CAP-44, which would provide validators the ability to configure SPEEDEX, a new design for a fully on-chain decentralized exchange that can scale to an arbitrarily high transaction throughput.

It's a technical discussion, so if you plan on watching, we advise reading through the CAPs and the relevant discussion threads for context:

CAP-42: Multi-part Transaction Sets

CAP-44: SPEEDEX — Configuration

CAPs are in a public Github repo, and the discussion threads are on a public mailing list, so if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, you can participate in the advancement of the Stellar protocol by joining the conversation. If you're interested in keeping on top of protocol changes, you can also join the Stellar developers google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/stellar-dev


David Mazières
Karen Chang
Leigh McCulloch
Nicolas Barry
Jed McCaleb
Jonathan Jove
Orbit Lens
Siddharth Suresh
Tomer Weller
Justin Rice