GBBC University Dialogues on Blockchain & Digital Assets

Date and time



Highlighted Speakers

Justin Rice, VP of Ecosystem of SDF, Sandra Ro, CEO of GBBC, Tanya Shastri of VMware, David Treat of Accenture, and Bea O'Carroll of Nautilus Tech



On the inaugural session of GBBC's “University Dialogues", VP of Ecosystem of the Stellar Development Foundation, Justin Rice, will join a panel focused on the blockchain technology space, particularly digital asset and enterprise blockchain solutions, let by GBBC CEO Sandra Ro and leaders from Accenture, VMware and Nautilus Tech.

GBBC's "University Dialogues" are designed to build bridges between students and innovative companies and leaders in the blockchain technology space to foment blockchain understanding and skills at academic institutions around the world. For this session, the GBBC has partnered with the Miami University Blockchain Club (MUBC), based out of the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and also has support from their partners at Michigan Blockchain, Elon Blockchain, and the Tufts Blockchain club.

Register here to join us on April 20th at 7 PM EDT!