Ecosystem panel: Plug in to the world of Stellar assets

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Ecosystem Panel

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Marcin Olszowy, Umed Latifov, John Moss, Kyle McCollom and Justin Rice




Stellar is a platform that connects the world's financial infrastructure by making it easy for regulated financial institutions to issue assets that represent real-world currencies. But you don't have to be a regulated financial institution to build on Stellar! You can build an app right now — no matter who you are — that takes advantage of those assets to settle real-world payments for real-world users, no permission required.

Want to learn how you can plug into the world of Stellar assets? Want to see how to integrate Stellar payment rails into your app? The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is hosting a panel discussion moderated by Justin Rice, VP of Ecosystem at the Stellar Development Foundation, and joined by a panel of key ecosystem players as they explore assets on Stellar, and explain how you can build an app that takes advantage of them.

Watch the recording above and hear from Marcin Olszowy of COINQVEST, an enterprise cryptocurrency payment processor, Umed Latifov at RealtyBits, a full-featured marketplace app for digitized private offerings, John Moss of Uhuru Wallet, WhatsApp based wallet for sending intra-African payments, and Kyle McCollom at Vibrant, a dollar savings app for Argentines.

About the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is the newest lab at the Center for Entrepreneurship in the School of Engineering. They launched to leverage the groundswell of blockchain activity on UC Berkeley's campus, and to invite global scholars and entrepreneurs into this tremendous ecosystem.