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How Wallets Can Integrate with Global On and Off-Ramps on Stellar


Taylor Murrell

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On and off-ramps

Last year, we announced the launch of Stellar Ramps, a suite of open standards enabling digital wallets to connect to a global network of anchors providing on and off-ramp services on Stellar.

On and off-ramps are core to transferring value between fiat and digital assets on the network. In aggregate, they enable conversions of cash, bank cards, wire transfers, airtime, and more into digital assets across local markets, worldwide. As the network of on and off-ramps on Stellar continues to grow, with more joining soon via the Anchor Platform, there are more payment services than ever for Stellar-enabled digital wallets to connect to.

One Integration, Global Access

Stellar Ramps enable wallets to seamlessly plug into these on and off-ramp services without needing to customize an integration with each individual anchor. Meaning, wallets can support new payment solutions for their end users and access users in new markets without needing to build these solutions from scratch. Instead, they can leverage one of two integrations to access a host of anchors supporting the same interoperable standards:

These two standards are the connection point between on and off-ramps and wallets on the Stellar network. In one integration, of either standard, on and off-ramps can bridge their traditional fiat payment services to Stellar, and wallets can embed these services in-app. Wallets participating in the MoneyGram Access™ program, for example, leverage Stellar Ramps to integrate MoneyGram’s payment rails and offer cash-to-crypto on and off-ramps across 180+ countries for their users. The same standard enables digital wallets to integrate with a variety of interoperable anchors on the network.

Stellar Ramps are the simplest way for wallets and anchors providing on and off-ramps to work together on Stellar. To learn more about how your wallet can integrate with the global network of on and off-ramps on Stellar, visit Stellar Ramps. You can also visit the Stellar Anchor Directory to view a catalog of anchors offering on and off-ramp services on Stellar.