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Stellar Development Foundation Q2 in Review


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Growing & Thriving in the New Normal

With the close of Q2, some of the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided and given way to acceptance of a new normal for business, where all team meetings are video calls, conferences take place on the virtual stage, and home has become synonymous with office. In this re-imagined business model, Stellar Development Foundation is thriving, reflected in Q2 by the growing capacity of the team, including 10 new hires, the expanded leadership on SDF’s Board, and the achievements highlighted in this report which demonstrate strategic advances on every core tenet of its roadmap.

In the release of our second quarterly report, we provided an overview of these advances, aligned to the pillars of our roadmap: ensuring the robustness and usability of Stellar, being the blockchain people know and trust, and fostering sustainable Stellar use-cases. Some of the highlights from Q2 include:

  • The completion of major network upgrade with Protocol 13 that brings important new features to the network like fee bumps, fine-grained control of asset authorization, and first-class multiplexed accounts;
  • Two Enterprise Fund Investments to Abra, a next generation financial platform, and SatoshiPay, a platform for connecting the world through instant payments and one of the earliest adopters of Stellar;
  • Roll out of a comprehensive update to its developer documentation that streamlined navigation and provides a more modular experience, with documentation organized around different learning paths that can be easily expanded as network use cases evolve;
  • Greater public visibility and engagement with 20 SDF-hosted virtual events, participation in 8 external industry events, and a partnership with the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Download the report to read more about these highlights and more strategic achievements from Q2. You can also watch the Q2-in-review webinar below, where CEO and Executive Director, Denelle Dixon – joined by General Counsel, Candace Kelly, Head of Ecosystem, Justin Rice, and special guest Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra – shared these updates and announced Stellar’s integration into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore.