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Newton Goes Multichain with Stellar USDC


Caroline Young

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This year, we’re focusing on increasing access to USD Coin (USDC) and other assets issued on Stellar. After all, USDC on Stellar has catalyzed more opportunities for fintechs, wallets, exchanges, and developers by combining the network’s strengths with a fully-reserved and trusted global dollar digital currency. Many have integrated it into their own products and services to expand into new markets and enable seamless, near-instant, and more affordable cross-border solutions.

Joining the ranks of those supporting deposit and withdrawal of USDC on Stellar is Canadian crypto trading platform Newton. Founded in 2018, Newton has grown rapidly, with a user base of nearly 450,000 and one of the largest and fastest growing coin lists in Canada. What makes Newton so unique is that its spreads are tight and it charges no additional fees to its users, making the platform both affordable and accessible for all Canadians.

Listing USDC with Stellar capabilities on Newton means users who already enjoy trading USDC with the platform’s low-cost spreads can now also enjoy near-zero transaction fees—just fractions of a cent. It also means near-instant speeds on USDC funding and withdrawals. By introducing multichain support, Newton makes it possible for users to move seamlessly between Stellar and other blockchain implementations of USDC (such as Ethereum) putting more control in the user’s hands, and offering a faster, more affordable on/off ramp with USDC on Stellar.

"For Newton, integrating with the Stellar network is an exciting new development. It provides choices to customers concerned about transaction speed and cost. Our mission is to put financial decisions back in Canadians’ hands by making crypto simple and accessible, and we see greater network choice as an important part of [achieving] that mission." said Maggie Drinkwater, Director of Product at Newton.