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Association of Ukrainian Banks Admits SDF as Member


Carolyn Yi

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On the heels of convening Ukrainian financial institutions with experts from the blockchain and virtual assets industry, SDF accepted an invitation to join the Association of Ukrainian Banks as a member.

The Association is the oldest organization of its kind in Ukraine and works to promote the development of the national banking system in the country. With over 45 members, the Association makes it possible for a wide spectrum of banks and financial institutions—large and small, national and multinational—to join forces and help steer the future of financial services in the country.

“We are pleased to announce the Stellar Development Foundation’s membership in the Association of Ukrainian Banks. It is a great honor for the Association that SDF has decided to join our community.” said Andriy Dubas, President of the Association. “SDF will help advise on developing a new market sector and the digital economy in Ukraine, allowing Ukrainian citizens and businesses to pursue financial opportunities. The Ukrainian banking system is already a leader in digitalization, and SDF brings valuable expertise that will allow us to take a leading position in blockchain and virtual assets for the Association and our members.”

This new partnership reiterates SDF’s role as an advisor to Ukraine on deploying blockchain technology and virtual assets. It also affirms the utility of public-private partnerships for building healthy virtual asset ecosystems in new countries and regions.

“We are honored to formalize our relationship with the Association of Ukrainian Banks” said Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of SDF. “The Association’s collaborative approach, membership, engagement in legislative activity, and cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine all demonstrate its great commitment to cultivating healthy innovation for the virtual economy. We believe virtual assets are one of the most important innovations of our lifetimes. Working together, we can deliver on the promise of blockchain and virtual asset technology for consumers and businesses inside and outside of Ukraine.”