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Stellar Quest Live Series 6: Fast, Cheap & Out of Control


Bri Wylde

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We’re back (again)

It’s time to hunker down for a long one, folks. Stellar Quest Live is back for our sixth series dubbed Fast, Cheap & Out of Control (FCA00C), with quests being released at the beginning of every month starting in February. Series 6 will leverage Soroban for each arcade-like challenge and will be more difficult and complex than Series 5.

Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Series 6: FCA00C stats

Mark your calendars — the first quest of Series 6 goes live at midnight UTC (7 PM EST) on February 15th, with subsequent quests being released at the start of every month moving forward. Quests will have an arcade game-like feel (Asteroids, anyone?) and offer a unique coding and arithmetic challenge.

Each quest will be judged on three separate points (see bullets below) that will have their own rewards, timelines, and publicly accessible leaderboards.

  • Fast: Who can complete the quest the quickest?
  • Cheap: Who can finish the task using the least amount of computational resources? This event is live for two weeks post-quest release.
  • Out of Control: Who can complete the challenge with the smallest contract size? This event is live for one week post-quest release.

Victorious questers can earn USDC rewards only during each live event, and the first quest’s rewards break down like this:

However, the quest leaderboards will always be available, so players can knock winners off the Cheap and Out of Control leaderboards even after the live events are over (though they will not be eligible for a USDC reward). And every player who completes a game, even after the live event, will earn a commemorative NFT badge.

If you’re looking for a bonus Series 6 challenge, try pronouncing the acronym FCA00C phonetically. This may just prove to be the most difficult quest of all.

Who can play FCA00C?

Anyone! But it’s gonna be a little tough. You don’t need to know or care about blockchain or cryptocurrency, but you should be a little familiar with Rust, and it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on your Soroban knowledge. We recommend perusing the Soroban docs or reviewing Stellar Quest Live Series 5 to familiarize yourself with Soroban. And if you still have questions, you can find answers or ask questions in the Stellar Dev Discord in the Soroban category.

And, of course, Stellar Quest has an extremely active and friendly community. Join the Stellar Quest Discord to get hyped and stay up to date on all things SQ! Or follow us on Twitter @StellarQuest.

Can’t wait to see you for (dare we say it?) the best Stellar Quest yet.