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New releases: Stellar-core v12.0.0 + Horizon v0.21.0


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It’s a big week for Stellar releases: there are new versions of both Stellar-core and Horizon!

Stellar-core v12.0.0

In addition to a few stability improvements, Stellar-core v12.0.0 implements three Core Advancement Proposals.


CAP-24 creates a new operation called PATH_PAYMENT_STRICT_SEND. Right now, path payments only let you specify how much a recipient will receive. PATH_PAYMENT_STRICT_SEND lets you specify how much you want to send.

Technically, it “allows a form of path payment with a strict equality constraint on the send amount and an inequality constraint on the destination amount.” Intuitively, that means that if you’re sending USD to Lisa, and you want her to receive Euros, you can do things the original way and say “I want Lisa to receive €8,” or you can do things the new way and say, “I want to send Lisa $10.”


CAP-25 simplifies the bucket list data structure in stellar-core, which makes things easier for node administrators by reducing storage cost and bucket merge latency.


CAP-26 disables the current inflation mechanism. To find out why we’re proposing that change, and how it might take effect, please check out the official announcement.

Stellar-core v12 is available today, but like all protocol upgrades, it won’t take effect until validators vote to update the network. That vote is scheduled for Monday, 10/28 at 1600 UTC, so you have about a month to prepare.

Horizon v0.21.0

In addition to some performance improvements and bug fixes, Horizon v0.21.0 adds more filtering options for pathfinding, and continues to roll out features related to the new experimental ingestion system by adding support for /offers.

If you want to play around with the new ingestion system, it’s open for beta testing. We’re particularly interested in any discrepancies with data ingested under the old system. Please report bugs to the Horizon issue tracker.

Note: Protocol 12 will be fully supported in Horizon v22, targeted for release on October 21st.

For more information on the new releases, please check out the full release notes for Stellar-core v12.0.0 and Horizon v0.21.0.