A quick explainer on crypto, blockchain, and Stellar


Your Guidebook Awaits

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How CBDCs can help improve financial inclusion and be beneficial to all participants
  • Cooperation between public and private entities gives best results in developing solutions
  • Open blockchains - maintaining robustness and security while providing equal access
  • CBDCs potential for interoperability and ease of exchange for cross-currency transactions
  • Comparison of key characteristics to prioritize: interoperability, security, sustainability, reliability, and programmability

Central bankers and policymakers are at a crossroads with CBDCs with many important dimensions to consider. SDF recognizes that CBDCs being developed today can have far reaching benefits both in emerging economies and developed markets, especially for the unbanked and underbanked. The authors hope this guide provides insight to global decision makers and helps them achieve the potential positive impact of CBDCs on open networks.

The vision at SDF is to support the realization of an “internet of money” that makes sending payments as easy as sending an email, on systems that are available to everyone.

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