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Wallet SDK

Building a Stellar-enabled wallet or application is faster and easier than ever. Implement the Wallet SDK to offer innovative payment services powered by the Stellar blockchain’s global network of on and off-ramps.

Use Cases

Interoperable Solutions in One SDK

Access innovative payment solutions from payments to global on and off-ramping, powered by the Stellar network’s interoperable standards.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit and Withdrawal

Support deposit and withdrawal of digital assets on the Stellar network.

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Bulk Disbursements

Bulk Disbursements

Enable users to receive global payments of all sizes for use cases like payroll.

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Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian Aid

Help beneficiaries receive aid in the form of stablecoins, and cash out of these funds as needed.

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Key Features

All-in-One SDK

With the Stellar Wallet SDK you can access prepackaged Stellar network features, allowing you to focus less on programming and more on offering powerful blockchain-powered payments and features.

Access the Horizon API

Start building on the network even without prior knowledge of the Stellar blockchain.

Create a Wallet

Enable account creation, transaction signing, querying the network for users.

Choose Your Preferred Custody Model

Select from four custody options. Non-custodial, custodial, a mixture of both or third party key management.

Integrate New On and Off-Ramps

Enable users to top up their wallet balance through a variety of payment methods including cash, bank card, local payment rails and more, all hosted on the Stellar network.

Support Stellar Assets

Offer users access to fiat-backed digital assets issued on the Stellar network such as USDC, AUDD, GYEN, ZUSD and more.

Power Payments of All Sizes

Enable users to send and receive borderless, global transactions at any scale.

Developer Resources

Built to Fit Your Tech Stack

Integrate one of three SDKs into your existing tech stack.


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Developer Resources

Learn how to integrate the Wallet SDK to embed on and off-ramps via the Stellar network into your product set.


Want to Know More?

To learn more about integrating the Wallet SDK, please review the technical developer documentation. For additional inquiries, reach out to our partnerships team.

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