Research and 
Development Grants

To encourage innovation, SDF offers Research and Development Grants (R&D) that support the creation of minimum viable products and proofs of concept aimed at improving liquidity, increasing throughput, or otherwise extending the capabilities of the Stellar network to meet ecosystem needs.  

R&D grants go to well scoped projects with clear deliverables and concrete timelines, and are reserved for qualified teams with proven capability to define benchmarks, conduct experiments, and deliver results. 

How to Apply

To be considered for an R&D grant, please complete the application form below. Once a quarter, the SDF R&D grants committee will review applications and follow up with promising projects to get more information, request more in-depth proposals, and talk about next steps.  

Tell us about your idea

  • What would you like to build?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • How does it attempt to solve this problem?
  • How does it benefit the Stellar ecosystem?
  • What would an MVP or PoC include?
  • How would you measure the results?
  • How long would it take to complete the MVP or PoC?
  • How much funding would you need to complete the PoC or MVP?
  • Do you have funding for the PoC or MVP in addition to the R&D grant?

Tell us about your team

  • What is the name of your organization?
  • In a few words, please tell us about your principal business, your company mission, and/or your area of focus.
  • Who are the principal members, and what are their roles?
  • Have you built on Stellar before? If so, please tell us about any Stellar-based projects.
  • Please provide links to any live products or services that demonstrate your ability to deliver results.
  • Please provide links to any repositories that demonstrate your ability to write good code. 

Share additional information

  • What do you hope to gain from the R&D project?
  • If the PoC succeeds, what are your next steps?
  • Do you plan to open source the code or encourage collaboration?  If so, how?
  • Is there anything else you would like the committee to know?

Ready to Apply?

Please send an email with answers to the above questions to [email protected]