Why Stellar

What Stellar Can Do For You

An investment from SDF goes beyond capital and support for your management team. It gives you access to the Stellar network and ecosystem, which you can use to maximize your potential.


Open a World of Possibilities

Building on Stellar gives companies access to a wide range of potential partners and supporters that can empower their growth.

Connect with others who share your drive to deliver real-world, everyday financial services, spanning across emerging and traditional finance companies. There’s even a network of service providers to help you on your journey.

On and Off-Ramps

Reach Real End-Users

To take your financial solution from an idea to reality, you need users. The Stellar ecosystem offers you unparalleled access to real people with real needs, including a network of fiat-to-digital on and off-ramps, thanks to companies like Moneygram.

The Stellar network brings you closer to new users and markets and gives you the advantage of seamless compliance services. These are all game-changing benefits that can mark a turning point for your company’s growth.

Smart Contracts

Turbo-Charging The Utility of Stellar

Stellar has always been built for payment innovation. With the introduction of our latest major upgrade, Soroban, the smart contracts platform on Stellar, there are more opportunities than ever for builders and companies to offer a wide range of everyday financial services.

Smart contracts on Stellar are developer-friendly and built for scale – delivering innovation for SMARTER smart contracts.

Built for Tokenization

Digital Asset Leadership

Tokenization and digital assets have been at the core of Stellar since its inception, making it a proven platform for asset issuance.

More than $350m of tokenized treasuries are issued on Stellar, in addition to a robust ecosystem of stablecoins and other assets.

Well-known institutions leverage the network’s powerful built-in features, asset controls, and a global ecosystem to tokenize and distribute real-world value.

Driving Investor Attending

Opening Funding Doors

Our San Francisco and New York investment team have a global mandate and invests in both emerging and established companies.

We are committed to supporting local builders tackling local problems as well as those wanting to solve global financial issues. The network exposes portfolio companies to a broader pool of investors, enhancing their growth potential and market reach.

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