Stellar Enterprise Fund

A Strategic Blockchain Fund

The Stellar Enterprise Fund is a venture-style fund that expands the open-source Stellar network. We at the Stellar Development Foundation invest in companies transforming the future of everyday financial services through Web3 innovation. We are fierce advocates of blockchain technology potential.

This is who we are - we won’t pivot from blockchain and are waiting to fund the next game-changing company.

Is your idea next?


Our Why

One commitment drives our investment: to amplify the Stellar ecosystem’s utility and impact by fostering innovation that elevates everyday financial services. We are purposeful in our investment, supporting companies that envision and actively work towards creating a better future.

Our investments go beyond capital; each funding is a declaration of SDF’s belief in the company's, and the broader ecosystem's, potential for improvement.

Join us, and together, we will pave the way for a more accessible, efficient, and inclusive financial world.

Why Stellar

More Than Capital

Building on Stellar gives you access to an innovative, multi-layered network that benefits your growth. There is a robust ecosystem around the Stellar network that makes sense for the real world and can make an impact today. And SDF and the Stellar ecosystem can support you on your journey.

Ecosystem Partnerships

Payment Rails to Support the Real World

Investment Support at Every Stage


Explore Our Investments

Our strategic funding extends across five continents, encompassing various stages of growth and utility—with our portfolio exceeding $100 million in total investments.

Investment Criteria

What SDF Wants to See

We care about each investment we make, striving to ensure that every investment made by SDF contributes positively to both the company and the Stellar ecosystem.

Explore financial innovation through our varied portfolio, where each company embodies our mission to transform finance with Stellar technology.

Stellar Fit

Does Stellar provide compelling value to the Company? Will the team further SDF’s mission?


Will increased success of the project directly and positively impact the Stellar ecosystem?


Do we trust management to execute, focus, and commit to building for the long term? Is the team able to build a compelling product that is competitive in the market and brings value to the end user? Does the team have a viable go-to-market plan?


Why now – is this the right time for us to invest? Does the team have a clear, realistic, yet ambitious plan of how they will use the money and why they need it now?


‍Does the company have a viable path towards financial independence from Stellar (either through external funding or revenue) in the next 18-24…

Use Case

Does the product or service address real, substantial market needs with a clear and scalable plan that will leverage the blockchain?

Application Process

Tell Us About What You're Building

Come build the future you envision on an unmatched base of real-world utility and scalable decentralized finance.


Recent Funding News


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Project Updates



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Strategic Investments


Product Releases

Project Updates


Allbridge Launch Connects Stellar Network to Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. Stay updated with the latest news and developments in the crypto world.



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Strategic Investments