Capital for Web3 Innovation

Enterprise Fund Portfolio

SDF’s portfolio reflects our core philosophy because we only invest in companies we believe in. We fund ideas and people working towards creating a better financial future, investing in those who would bring value to the Stellar ecosystem and who would benefit the most from the Stellar network.

Our broad portfolio spans a variety of locations, uses, and company life stages; what matters is the potential for real-world financial solutions and transformation.

Discover the companies already making an impact with Stellar and be the next to join the ecosystem.


The Companies


Tala offers digital financial services to help the underserved borrow, save, grow, and manage their money.


Airtm offers users a digital dollar account with over 400 different ways to buy and sell digital dollars.


Wyre is a blockchain based payments platform empowering cross-border businesses with frictionless payments.


NETXD provides a transaction banking platform, focused on delivering exceptional value to Banks and Fintechs.


Abra offers an easy-to-use app that allows users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies, in one single place.


Bitt provides CBDC and stablecoin solutions for central banks, financial institutions, and governments.


Securrency is bringing liquidity and access to new digital assets through compliance aware tokenization.


Techstars is globally recognized early-stage incubator and investor that provides access to capital, mentorship, and other support for entrepreneurs.

DFS Labs

DFS Lab is a research-driven early-stage venture capital firm for the most promising African entreprenuers.


FanVestor connects fans to their favorite artist, athlete, or social media figure.


Rehive is a white-label fintech app builder, offering customers an easy way to launch a new fintech app.


SatoshiPay offers solutions for B2B cross-border money transfer and frictionless micropayment processing.


Stax is an African consumer payments application powered by USSD.

Abed Ventures

Abed Ventures is an early-stage investment vehicle backing Carribean-based founders.


Bitwage is a provider of cryptocurrency payroll solutions for LatAm.


Stablecorp powers cross-border transactions with its Canadian-dollar stablecoins.

Trace Finance

Trace Finance is a global banking and foreign exchange platform for LatAm.


Cedar is a B2B cross-border payment infrastructure provider for African SMEs.


Cowrie offers businesses a solution that increases speed and lowers the cost of payments to and from Nigeria.


Wave is the leading financial super app for Africans, enabling payments, airtime purchases, bill payments, and more.


Afriex is a global money transfer application for Africans.


Credora is building confidence in Credit Markets through privacy-preserving technology that enables real-time credit analytics and powers transparent and efficient markets.


DSTOQ makes investing accessible for people in emerging markets.


Owlting is a blockchain SaaS company focused on simplifying local and cross-border payments for the e-commerce and hospitality industries.

Tribal Credit

Tribal offers a corporate card made for startups and SMEs looking for a better way to pay business expenses.