Rehive provides companies turnkey tools to build and customize their own fintech app on top of Stellar

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Rehive is a no-code fintech app builder that is pre-integrated with Stellar and ecosystem partner Wyre. They make it easy to launch a custom branded, production-ready fintech app on iOS, Android, and web in a matter of days. Businesses can customize their own branding and configure features such as customer onboarding, notifications, transaction flows, and more to best fit their use case.


Building a fintech app that leverages blockchain’s utility can be expensive and time-consuming, requiring significant expertise and resources to start from scratch. And while Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and blockchain infrastructure are improving rapidly and offering more sophisticated solutions than ever, a missing piece in the fintech stack is the application layer. Fintechs still have to build their own apps on top of infrastructure providers.

“A key part of Rehive’s value proposition is out-of-the-box white-label payment applications across various currencies and regions. Stellar fits our clients’ needs best by offering low cost and fast transactions.”
Helghardt Avenant
CEO and Co-founder · Rehive


A longtime member of the Stellar ecosystem, Rehive makes it easy to go to market with a white-label digital wallet builder, providing a set of production-ready features for a variety of use cases. The starting use case and features includes bulk payouts, peer-to-peer payments, payment requests, in-app purchases, scan-to-pay, invoicing, currency conversions and reward campaigns.

Businesses can also build value-added capabilities on Rehive’s API or directly access the frontend codebase to make further customizations.

Rehive serves a number of customer bases, including fintechs, marketplaces, and anchors on the Stellar network. To meet the different needs of these customers, Rehive offers integrations with the Stellar network itself and ecosystem partner Wyre, use of each best suited depending on what region the client operates in.

The Choice is Yours

• As a custodial wallet, Rehive has partnered with Stellar ecosystem partner Wyre so that businesses can create a wallet app that plugs directly into Wyre’s payment rails, which includes access to multiple currencies including USDC on Stellar.

• Wyre handles compliance, on-off-ramps, money services licenses, and custody of user funds on behalf of clients, while Rehive enables them to build on top of Wyre’s payment infrastructure with customizable iOS, Android, and web applications.

• Rehive also provides a direct integration to Stellar, designed so clients can serve as custodians on behalf of their end-users in exchange for issuing custom tokens, whether they be stablecoins or tokens representing other forms of value on Stellar – a natural fit for financial institutions who want to become anchors.

The Ease and Power of Stablecoins

• On top of its fast speeds and low transaction costs, Stellar is ideal for issuing stablecoins. Asset issuance is a native feature of Stellar, and anyone can tokenize any form of value, including fiat currencies, on the network in a secure, safe, and easy manner.

• As an anchor on Stellar, fintech Novatti issued an Australian dollar stablecoin (AUDD) on the network while covering compliance and licensing in Australia. Now that the asset has been issued, Novatti required an application to expand its stablecoin’s reach and usage.

• With Rehive, Novatti was able to build a digital wallet interface and bring the AUDD stablecoin to market in a matter of weeks rather than years. This interface includes built-in wallet features, custom user tiers, fees, and limit settings to help companies control their business requirements from their admin dashboards.


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Several exciting developments on Rehive’s product roadmap are currently in motion. Rolling out international bank deposits and withdrawals via Wyre is a top priority, followed by supporting Wyre's MoneyGram Access integration. With this integration, clients employing the Wyre API will be able to access MoneyGram’s extensive network of cash in-and-out on/off ramps.

Once those are complete, Rehive will start work on non-custodial implementation, evolving into a hybrid wallet architecture. This means new fintechs can either choose Wyre as a pre-integrated custody provider, integrate with their own partner or activate the self-custody option for their end users.

Interested parties can get started on Rehive quickly, either creating their own sandbox projects or trying out the demo.

Beyond technology, Stellar has done an amazing job partnering with key infrastructure providers like Circle, Wyre, and Moneygram to bring more on and off ramp capabilities to the ecosystem. Easy access to stablecoins are opening a lot of opportunities for more use cases to emerge in regions where it matters most.”
Helghardt Avenant
CEO and Co-founder · Rehive

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