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OWNY (previously known as RealtyBits) provides a turn-key platform that uses the Stellar network and AI to assist private equity funds in managing their capital, investors, and banking requirements. By providing a white-label portal, it simplifies compliance, reporting, and fund movement, enabling funds to efficiently raise capital and handle investor relations. The platform supports cash and investment management, tokenization of assets for improved liquidity, and meeting regulatory obligations. Additionally, with the aid of Stellar blockchain technology, it facilitates fast and secure global payments.


Fragmented Systems

Traditionally, private equity funds and businesses have to rely on multiple systems, PDF files, and manual processes to raise capital, manage investors, and handle payments. These disconnected and inefficient methods are slow, costly, and prone to errors. In addition, the existing tools and technology used in this process were often manual and didn't seamlessly integrate across different systems.

We realized that the Stellar network was the best fit for what we wanted to do, because it specializes in financial assets, in asset ownership, and efficiency of transfer.

Umed Latifov, CEO and Co-Founder, OWNY


Greater Efficiency & Investment Streamlining

OWNY is a platform that leverages AI tools and Stellar blockchain technology to facilitate efficient private capital management and payment flow. It offers quick transactions, simplified onboarding and verification processes, and user-friendly management tools to address challenges in the private funds and businesses sector. By utilizing a hybrid on-chain and off-chain system, OWNY aims to streamline processes and enhance overall functionality.

Simple User Experience

Simple User Experience

  • The customizable platform seamlessly combines AI with the Stellar blockchain to provide a user-friendly interface for tracking payments and ownerships. Using Horizon, the API for Stellar network, users can easily access the Stellar network's payment features without having to understand the underlying technology.
Ease of Issuing an Asset

Ease of Issuing an Asset

  • OWNY automates the registration of private offerings on the Stellar network by tokenizing assets without the need for complex smart contracts. This streamlined process involves just a few steps, making it simple and efficient for asset issuers and investors.
Speed and Zero Fees

Speed and Zero Fees

  • Traditional investing in private assets takes a long time and involves exhaustive back-and-forth between the investor, sponsor, and other related parties – usually through email and wire transfers.
  • When sponsors or investors transact with each other, OWNY uses the Stellar network to confirm and record those transactions instantaneously. The transaction fees on the Stellar network are so minimal – less than a fraction of a USD cent – that investors essentially don’t have to pay anything to invest. The only cost is the low fee OWNY charges issuers to use its platform, which they price substantially lower than comparable solutions.
An Immutable Ledger

An Immutable Ledger

  • When a fund or a company creates a private offering using the OWNY infrastructure, that asset is registered on the Stellar network replicating exact terms of the offering as provided in the offering documents.
  • Issuers and investors can then track confirmation and ownership rights of those units through transaction records that are updated by the Stellar network’s immutable distributed ledger.
  • Since all transactions on the network’s ledger are verified by multiple validators and cannot be changed, issuers and investors can rest assured that the transaction records are accurate and secure.
Account Creation

Account Creation

  • When users create an account on OWNY, the platform uses AI to efficiently verify identities and creates unique bank accounts linked to wallets powered by the Stellar network. In combination with OWNY's proprietary features, private issuers and investors can leverage the blockchain’s unique features for their own use cases.
  • OWNY enables users to create a private offering and list an offering on their own websites thanks to the Stellar network. The network also enables asset issuers to facilitate their investor transactions and store capital in their wallets.
  • When investors want to participate in an offering, they must go through a verification process and sign proper documentation using pre-built compliance and verification tools. Once those steps are complete, investors can safely make capital contributions using US Dollars and other acceptable currencies into their Stellar-powered wallets in order to satisfy their capital commitment requirements.


Revolutionizing the Private Equity Marketplace

OWNY is transforming private capital markets by leveraging the Stellar network to connect users with new sources of capital globally. This approach not only offers cost savings, allowing them to provide affordable services, but also makes private equity investment more accessible to a wider audience. As OWNY expands, they prioritize participant vetting to maintain a trustworthy platform and create an inclusive environment for high-quality private asset offerings and capital management.


Total Capital Pipeline To Launch Private Offerings


Transaction Volume In One Year


Seconds To Contribute Capital To An Asset

The Stellar network is simple to use. Transactions are way cheaper compared to other protocols. It’s flexible in terms of how you want to customize payments, but rigid enough also to not mess it up. Once you pay with that asset, it's unique. It stays there. There's no smart contract behind it – you just interact with that asset on a previously defined set of protocols, which closely mimics what happens in the financial world, which is transferable ownership.

Umed Latifov, CEO and Co-Founder, OWNY


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