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Introducing Stellar Ramps: Access Stellar’s On & Off Ramps with a Single Integration


Taylor Murrell

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On and off-ramps

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Over the past few years, SDF has worked to onboard new financial service providers, asset issuers, and digital applications to support the growth of the Stellar network. In parallel, updates to the Stellar Ecosystem Protocols (SEPs) make building on and moving value on and off the Stellar blockchain as easy as possible. While this work is ongoing, we are pleased to announce the launch of the latest enterprise use case available on the network - Stellar Ramps.

Stellar Ramps is a suite of open standards enabling your application to connect to a global network of on and off ramps provided by Stellar anchors. Anchors, financial institutions that bridge Stellar to traditional payment rails, enable users to on-ramp or exchange local fiat for digital assets onto the Stellar network, or vice versa, and then use a wallet to transact with and store their assets.

On and off ramps are an essential part of transactions on Stellar. For end-users, they provide an entry point into the decentralized finance ecosystem and financial services, including for those without bank accounts or credit cards. For wallets and applications, the broad geographic reach of the Stellar anchor network offers unparalleled access to new users, markets, and local payment solutions.

With Stellar Ramps, it is now more efficient for anchors to offer on and off ramps and for wallets to plug into them. By leveraging Stellar’s SEPs, both sides can connect via one set of interoperable standards and offer users worldwide a variety of new financial services.

To find out how your application can access Stellar's on and off ramps, visit Stellar Ramps at

Resources and Reference Implementations

Find examples below of other on and off ramp services built on Stellar.

  • With MoneyGram Access™ or Coinme, your application can enable users to convert their physical cash into digital dollars and back.
  • Wyre: By building on Wyre’s crypto infrastructure, your business can natively integrate USD Coin (USDC) on Stellar and move value between local fiat and the world’s leading dollar digital currency.
  • Bitso: Learn how Bitso uses USDC on Stellar as a low cost bridge asset to enable more than 2 million users to on-and off-ramp between USD and MXN.
  • ClickPesa: Find out how ClickPesa provides an on and off ramp to the banking systems of Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda.