Explore the Open-Source Solution for Bulk Payments: the Stellar Disbursement Platform


Dana Bernard

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The genesis of the Stellar Disbursement Platform

Since 2014, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has proudly maintained its mission to expand financial access by connecting communities, financial institutions, payment systems, and companies across the globe.

In 2022, SDF further brought that commitment to life by assisting humanitarian organizations seeking to quickly disburse funds to recipients across Ukraine with the Stellar Disbursement Platform (SDP). Over the last twelve months, SDF has combined its payments expertise with user feedback to refine this powerful platform to support new possibilities such as supplier payouts, global payroll to contractors and vendors, government transfers, and enterprise remittances.

Today, the SDP is a fully open-source solution that provides anyone with the ability to make bulk payments to recipients around the world with an intuitive and friendly end-user navigation. The ability to move funds from one person or entity to another is not new - however, bulk disbursements powered by the Stellar Consensus Protocol and the SDP, combine this expertise with a powerful tool that has withstood on the ground use to make it more useful than ever before.

The latest changes to the SDP

After incorporating countless hours of user testing and recipient feedback, along with stakeholder interviews, the solution offers new features and a robust roadmap to bring the best of the Stellar network’s payment offerings to market.

At a platform-level, the SDP offers a variety of features to maintain industry standard data and financial management controls.

  • With self-hosting functionality, companies can ensure recipients’ personal and financial data remains encrypted without exposure to third-parties. The Stellar network utilizes consistent standards for payment interoperability and authentication requirements.
  • Utilize third-party hosts like Zodia Custody to lessen the technical responsibilities associated with bulk disbursements
  • On-demand wallet creation removes the need for recipients to have an existing digital wallet to receive funds, offering a more user-friendly onboarding experience using a phone number and without requiring previous blockchain experience
  • Administer the system with four levels of user access that provide varying read and write controls to ensure privacy and maintain financial oversight
  • Comply with industry standard reporting functionality with exportable files that integrate with leading accounting software

What you can do with the SDP

Versatility is built into the foundation of the SDP to ensure organizations of all sizes can maintain user and organization standards regarding digital assets and wallets.

  • Send any Stellar-based digital asset, including stablecoins
  • Select from several wallet providers to ensure the digital wallet meets the specific needs of recipients
  • Customize the SMS invitation in any language inviting recipients to accept funds
  • Ensure recipients can retain control of their wallet and funds at all times

Experience the functionality and explore how the SDP can disburse payments of all sizes and changing business needs.

Review the technical specifications, API, and front and back-end code on our site.