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Taurus Custody and Issuance Platforms Now Available on Stellar

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24.06.24, ZURICH - Taurus, a global leading digital asset infrastructure provider, announced today that its custody platform, Taurus-PROTECT, and its digital issuance and tokenization platform, Taurus-CAPITAL, are now available on the Stellar network. The Stellar network is an open-sourced, public blockchain and an industry leader in asset tokenization, trusted today by a range of global financial institutions.

This integration will cover the custody of any Stellar tokenized assets through Taurus-PROTECT, as well as asset-agnostic issuance on the Stellar blockchain through Taurus-CAPITAL. This enables banks and issuers to issue and process any tokenized asset via the Stellar network. Banks and issuers can fully customize and automate payment flows through programmable wallet behaviours combined with banking-grade access controls.

Jürgen Hofbauer, Head of Global Strategic Partnerships at Taurus, stated: “Integration with Stellar seamlessly aligns with Taurus' strategic growth as the blockchain has been optimized and built for asset tokenization. Our banking and non-banking clients can now benefit from reduced fees and fast transactions, optimizing efficiency across a variety of tokenization use cases such as equity, debt, structured products, funds, tokenized deposits, and CBDCs.”

Stellar is a proven platform for asset issuance. The Stellar network gives asset issuers the benefits of powerful, built-in features and controls to tokenize real-world assets quickly and at a low cost. Well-known institutions like Franklin Templeton, WisdomTree and Circle use Stellar for real-world asset tokenization.

“Collaborating with Taurus represents a significant step in advancing the adoption of tokenized real-world assets within regulated financial institutions and establishing the essential infrastructure for widespread adoption,” said Stellar Development Foundation Senior Director Roberto Durscki. “We’re excited Taurus is joining the global Stellar ecosystem.”

About Stellar

Stellar is more than a blockchain. Powered by a decentralized, fast, scalable, and uniquely sustainable network made for financial products and services and a thriving and passionate ecosystem that includes a non-profit organization driven by a mission, Stellar is paving the path to unlock the world’s economic potential through blockchain technology. Built with speed and low costs in mind, the Stellar network provides builders and financial institutions worldwide a platform to issue assets, and to send and convert currencies in real time creating real world utility. Founded in 2014, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) supports the continued development and growth of the Stellar network and also serves the ecosystem of NGOs, corporations, universities, small businesses, governments, and solo entrepreneurs building on the Stellar network through tooling, funding and strategic collaborations. Together, Stellar is where blockchain meets the real world.

About the Stellar Development Foundation

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is a non-profit organization that supports the development and growth of Stellar, an open-source network that connects the world’s financial infrastructure. Founded in 2014, the Foundation helps maintain Stellar’s codebase, supports the technical and business communities building on the network, and serves as a voice to regulators and institutions. The Foundation seeks to create equitable access to the global financial system, using the Stellar network to unlock the world’s economic potential through blockchain technology. For more information, visit

About Taurus SA

Taurus SA is a Swiss FinTech, founded in April 2018, that provides enterprise-grade digital asset infrastructure to issue, custody, and trade any digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, NFTs, and digital currencies. Taurus is a global leader in the banking segment, entrusted by the full spectrum of financial institutions: systemic banks, universal banks, online banks, crypto-banks, private banks, and broker-dealers. Taurus also operates a marketplace for private assets and tokenized securities. Taurus SA is a securities firm supervised and regulated by FINMA. TDX is an organized trading facility operated by Taurus.

About Taurus’ platform and products

Depending on their business model, strategy, and risk tolerance, Taurus' clients can seamlessly manage NFTs, cryptocurrencies, including staking, digitize and tokenize any type of asset on any standard end-to-end, and process digital currencies of their choice. Taurus’ product portfolio is composed of Taurus-PROTECT™, the leading secure storage solution in Europe which is currently used by more than 30 financial institutions and corporations. Taurus-CAPITAL™ allows clients to issue and manage NFTs and tokenized assets on public and private blockchains, as well as interact with any smart contract. The regulated marketplace for digital assets, TDX™, is connected to Taurus-PROTECT™ and Taurus-CAPITAL™. All products leverage Taurus’ blockchain node infrastructure, Taurus-EXPLORER™, which provides a unified API and reliable broadcasting algorithms to interface securely with over 20 blockchain networks. For more information, please visit: