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Today, we’re excited to share a revamped—making it easier than ever to explore the Stellar ecosystem.

This fresh-faced provides visitors an intuitive onboarding experience, better visibility into what’s happening around the ecosystem, and more tools that support our continued commitment to transparency. Plus, we think it looks a lot cooler.

Project Directory

To create more connections between those building on top of Stellar and surface the activity on the network, we’ve released a directory of Stellar-based projects. From IBM and Franklin Templeton to scrappy single-dev startups, companies of all sizes use Stellar for moving money and accessing new markets. This project directory is an important part of the marketing support for Stellar-based projects emphasized in our new mandate.

New SDF Mandate

To further one of our top priorities for 2020—being the blockchain people know and trust—we released the new SDF Mandate. This mandate lays out how we plan to deploy our treasury to further the Foundation’s mission of creating equitable access to the global financial system.

This page details exactly which accounts hold those funds and how those funds will contribute to Stellar’s success. Anyone can track our progress towards our goals, more or less in real time, using the live account balances available on this page. In addition, we will provide a yearly public accounting and audit for all of our programs, as well as periodic updates where appropriate.

Lumen Supply Metrics

In tandem with the release of our new mandate, we published new documentation detailing how to calculate lumen supply metrics in the context of the reduced lumen supply and this new mandate. To see these stats live, check out the updated “Lumen Supply” section of the Dashboard. To stream these lumen supply stats as CoinMarketCap does, use the updated Dashboard API endpoint available here:

With these new rollouts come bigger changes like a new look across the site as well as some smaller additions like a new educational article about the power of Stellar and a gateway page to important tools in the ecosystem. Take a look around!