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In our most meta blog post yet, we are excited to announce the new

Since we launched in 2014, primitive features of Stellar have become en vogueissuing fiat assets on a shared database has been popularized as the term “stablecoin”, trading in an open network is now widely known as “decentralized exchanges”, and the only crypto narrative with promise other than store of value is tokenized assets.

As the world around us evolves, so too must the way we talk about the Stellar network, help developers build on it, and guide businesses as they start to use it. From simple explainers to video-based case studies to a straightforward onramp for new users, the new focuses on what the network does best — make money better.

Check out the new site here.

Exciting new features


The runkit on our new home page shows developers how easy it is to get started, build payment applications, and issue assets on Stellar. Give it a try!

Get Started

Our new “Get Started” page helps newcomers quickly understand how to spin up their project on Stellar.

What’s Next

This site launch is just the next step in our march towards clearer messaging, easier developer tools, and simpler documentation. Here's what is on the roadmap for

Revamped Documentation

While relatively comprehensive for the crypto industry, our docs tremble at the feet of docu-gods like Stripe. We are in the midst of a revamp with a focus on issuing assets and integrating apps. We will also incorporate documentation on Core and Horizon into our primary docs to unite all important information in one place. Like our current docs, the content will be open source so anyone in the community can contribute to and edit them. To get a taste of this new direction, read our new “How To Connect Your Anchor Service to Stellar Wallets” doc.

New Documentation and API Reference UI

To complement our new docs structure and content, we are developing a new UI that is cleaner, easier to consume, and matches our new branding. This new UI will also streamline the process of pushing updated content in the open source docs repo to the frontend UI.

Asset Issuance Wizard

As we work with Latin American anchors and companies to design a savings and payment application, we have consistently heard the need for a simple, dedicated UI for issuing assets on the network. We will be rolling out a dedicated web app for this use case to help make Stellar the easiest network for asset tokenization.

We are excited to roll out more features on this new tech stack — follow our progress on the expanded 2019 Roadmap. Happy scrolling!