Asset Tokenization

Tokenize Real-World Assets

The Stellar blockchain is the ideal platform for asset tokenization, trusted today by a range of global financial institutions. Asset issuers can benefit from powerful, built-in features and controls to tokenize real-world assets quickly and at a low cost.


Network Stats

See the growth of relevant assets and transactions processed on the Stellar network as of Q1 2024.


Total supply of tokenized real world assets (RWAs), as of Q1 2024


In relevant real world asset transaction volume in Q1 2024


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Built for Asset Tokenization

Your institution can leverage robust platform features and the global Stellar ecosystem to tokenize and distribute custom assets of your own.

Native Asset Controls

Native Asset Controls

Manage transactions on Stellar with built-in controls for approving, revoking, and freezing assets ensuring precise asset distribution.

Ease of Building

Ease of Building

Stellar enables seamless asset tokenization without the need for a smart contract, meaning less development time, counterparty risk, and room for error.

Trust-based Consensus

Trust-based Consensus

Stellar’s Proof of Agreement consensus protocol prioritizes fault tolerance and safety, letting you focus more on business priorities and less on the security of the network.

Operating Cost Reduction

Operating Cost Reduction

Reduce the cost of processing financial transactions by replacing redundant recordkeeping systems with the open-source Stellar blockchain for instant settlement 24/7.

Global Distribution Channels

Global Distribution Channels

Plug your asset into an existing ecosystem of on and off-ramps and wallets on Stellar that can distribute your asset to a global market.

Trusted by Leading Institutions

Stellar is a proven platform for asset issuance; many well-known institutions select Stellar as their preferred network for RWA tokenization.


Heard from the Ecosystem

The bedrock of Circle’s deep alliance with the Stellar Development Foundation is our shared commitment to advancing financial inclusion and offering mobile-first, near-instant, and low-cost payments solutions to people worldwide.

Rachel Mayer, VP, Product Management, Circle

Blockchains like Stellar are important to the investment process of the future, and assets built on blockchain rails, like the Franklin OnChain U.S. Government Money Fund, will eventually be interoperable with the rest of the digital asset ecosystem...

Roger Bayston, Head of Digital Assets, Franklin Templeton

We’re pleased to integrate GYEN and ZUSD on the Stellar network as we continue to connect traditional fiat rails with blockchain-based rails. Launching Stellar-based stablecoins is very exciting for those clients seeking a much faster, cheaper, and more scalable solution when compared to Ethereum.

Ken Nakamura, CEO of Trust Company, Inc.

How Tokenization Works

Digitize Any Asset in 4 Steps

1. Create

1. Create

Create a primary account to issue the asset

2. Duplicate

2. Duplicate

Create a secondary account to receive the asset

3. Approve

3. Approve

Ensure your recipient account is approved to hold and trade the asset

4. Send

4. Send

Send a payment from your primary account to the secondary account using your new asset


Real-world assets

Payment Assets

Fiat currency can be tokenized on the network as stablecoins that maintain a peg to the value of the underlying currency.

Investment Assets

Money market funds, private bonds, equities, commodities, and more can be tokenized on the blockchain and tied to the value of the underlying security.


Stellar Asset Sandbox

The Stellar Asset Sandbox makes it easy for issuers to explore the tokenization process on the Stellar testnet, with no code required. Get to know the network features that make Stellar the ideal platform for tokenization.


Service Providers

Find service providers with the experience needed to help your business integrate with the Stellar network, including custodians, developer services, analytics companies, and more.

Consulting Services

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Developer Services

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Analytics Services

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Smart Contracts

Unlock New Capabilities with DEFI

With the launch of smart contracts, your business can enable new financial services, including savings, lending, automatic yields, programmable money, and more on the Stellar blockchain.


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Discover how your business can contribute to the digital asset ecosystem. To learn more about issuing an asset on Stellar, review the developer documentation.

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