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The Stellar Newsletter: Spotlight on CBDCs

Executive Director Message 

Hello, Stellar Ecosystem!

It’s been a hectic past few weeks, but we’re already making significant progress on our goals! In case you missed it, we launched our strategic roadmap for 2022. This year, we’re moving on from strategic pillars and onto new building blocks: 

  • Increase scalability and network innovation
  • Activate more network participation
  • Demand and promote inclusion. 

By aligning our work against the above, we position ourselves and the Stellar network for tremendous growth and opportunity, both in the payments space and beyond. We welcome you to join our mission to create equitable access to the global financial system!


New in the Ecosystem

Stellar Development Foundation Q4 2021 in Review

The Stellar Development Foundation finished the year strong, celebrating and reflecting on its achievements toward the three strategic pillars of its 2021 roadmap: supporting the robustness and usability of Stellar, helping Stellar be the blockchain people know and trust, and fostering and developing sustainable Stellar use cases for cross-border payments and securitized assets. 

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Smart Contract Announcement

On our path forward, we’re looking at what we can do this year to further trust-minimized innovation, expand a growing anchor network, and perhaps most importantly, maintain an unrelenting focus on increasing the scale of interoperability and inclusion.

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2022 Roadmap

Our vision for 2022 builds directly on what we learned in 2021, a year that demonstrated irrefutably that the Stellar network is built for its purpose, clarified our strengths, and provided the direction for where we need to go next. 

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Marketing Grants Program Expands

As part of its commitment to bringing new individual users and businesses to the Stellar ecosystem, SDF offers Marketing Grants to support the growth and user acquisition efforts of projects built on Stellar. The funds from Marketing Grants provide support for digital and offline marketing, in-app incentives, PR, and communications.

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Okcoin Becomes First U.S. Exchange to Integrate Stellar USDC 

Okcoin, one of the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms, and the Stellar Development Foundation announced that Stellar USDC is now available on the Okcoin platform. With this launch, Okcoin becomes the first exchange to enable USDC deposit and withdrawal via Stellar for users in the U.S., providing a notable on-ramp in the U.S. for retail and institutional customers. 

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Wyre and Settle Power Seamless Cryptocurrency Transactions in Latin America with Stellar

Wyre launched a new integration with Settle on the Stellar network to onboard local Brazilian and Argentinian currencies into digital assets. Through the integration, Wyre enables developers and businesses in Latin America looking to leverage cryptocurrency transactions to easily expand into new regions, and accept new forms of payment.

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Best Practices for Creating NFTs on Stellar

There are different ways to create NFTs on Stellar, and even more ways to store and address large amounts of data for these NFTs. This guide is about how to use Stellar to create NFTs that can stand the test of time while maximizing interoperability with the Stellar ecosystem services and wallets.

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SDF Op Ed: How blockchain accelerates small business growth and development

Blockchain applications are particularly valuable for small businesses. Blockchain can provide them with an affordable and efficient avenue to make and receive payments, access investment and savings products, and build credit history. Enabling greater access to this technology can foster SME growth, which, in turn, enhances job creation and economic development.

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Spotlight on CBDCs

Webinar - Understanding CBDCs: A Policymaker's Guide

In February, SDF hosted a two-part webinar discussion on the policy and technical considerations for policymakers on the road to a CBDC future. Leaders from the public and private sectors shared their views on what is top of mind for decision-makers and weighed in on the Stellar Development Foundation's (SDF) latest policy paper, Understanding CBDCs: A Guidebook for Regulators and Policymakers

Understanding CBDCs: A Guidebook for Regulators and Policymakers

CBDCs can be designed to include elements of programmability that enforce policies such as specific fees, taxation, facilities for emergency cash transfers, and lending to small businesses. Traditional payment systems do not have the technical capability to build this function into payment processes. Blockchain innovation in CBDCs can support the objectives of central banks and governments toward improved utility and programmability of payment instruments.

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Celebrating One Year of USDC on Stellar

USDC on Stellar quickly catalyzed more opportunities for fintechs, wallets, exchanges, and developers on the network. Many integrated it into their own products and services to enable seamless, near-instant, and more affordable cross-border payment solutions. 

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SDF Op Ed: CBDCs and the Case for the Public Good

The different needs and concerns of countries will naturally lead to a variety of CBDC designs (or none at all for the countries that opt out for the time being). Faster transaction settlement speed, lower costs and more transparent cross-border payments are all being researched as potential benefits of implementation.

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Stellar Developer Updates

Open Protocol Discussion 2/3/2022

In this meeting we focused on a Core Advancement Proposal that would allow grouping of transactions in order to facilitate the implementation of per-group policies, such as order-book-aware surge pricing.  

Open Protocol Discussion 2/17/2022

In this meeting we talked through revisions to CAP-42, a proposal that would give validators control of which fee policy to use for individual transactions included in a ledger.  We also coverd CAP-44, which would provide validators the ability to configure SPEEDEX, a new design for a fully on-chain decentralized exchange that can scale to an arbitrarily high transaction throughput.

Muxed Accounts FAQ

Muxed accounts, a new type of Stellar account that makes it easy to map a single Stellar address to multiple users, are now live. The goal of this FAQ is to give a general overview of muxed accounts, to explain what they are, how they work, and why they're useful, and to outline what you need to do to support them. For technical details, please see the Muxed Accounts documentation.

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Stellar Community Interviews

Denelle Dixon (SDF) on Thinking Crypto podcast

Mark Heynen (SDF) on plans for Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Candace Kelly (SDF) on Cheddar News

Upcoming Events

3/11/2022 - Stellar NFT Hackathon @SXSW

3/11/2022 - Developer workshop: Create innovative NFTs on Stellar using JavaScript

3/12/2022 - SXSW: Finance 3.0 Summit

4/13/2022 - Paris Blockchain Week Summit

4/20/2022 - Techstars Startup Weekend Blockchain México with Stellar

4/26/2022 - Stellar Blockchain Bootcamp with DFS Lab

6/9/2022 - Consensus 2022

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