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Our 2023 Strategic Roadmap


Denelle Dixon

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We published the Stellar Development Foundation’s 2023 Strategic Roadmap last week, and I wanted to revisit our vision for the upcoming year.

Let’s agree: last year was unlike anything any of us could have ever predicted. 2022 began with war, displacing millions of people and triggering an economic downturn. These atrocities combined with the turbulent failures within the crypto industry resulted in heightened skepticism regarding blockchain as a technology. The waters seem murkier than ever.

But SDF stands strong, and our focus on creating equitable access to the world’s financial system and bolstering the creation of real-world solutions remains unwavering. We’re doubling down on this commitment and in 2023, utility is the growth exponent.

To guide this focus on utility, we now have three building blocks leading SDF’s path forward in supporting and growing the Stellar network, ecosystem, and community:

  • Make innovation easy and scalable.
  • Win over builders.
  • Focus on utility to build trust.

These building blocks may seem short and sweet, but the strategies and work that inform them will strengthen the Stellar network, ecosystem, and community as a whole. With the guiding principle of delivering utility, we will be able to bring more builders to the network, and with more builders, exponential growth. Network effects…that is what this roadmap comes down to.

My hope is that, by the end of 2023, the Stellar ecosystem will raise the bar by leveraging the Stellar network to deliver real-world solutions for those who need it most, and that SDF’s focus on our building blocks will prove to enhance those efforts.

To read the details in full, please visit our roadmap page, in addition to SDF’s mandate and communications channels (Twitter, LinkedIn) as we share updates throughout the year. We also report on SDF’s work on a regular basis through our quarterly reports and webinars.

We publish the SDF roadmap and talk about our work in the open because transparency and accountability are important to us. Follow along our journey and join the conversation!