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Executive Director Message

We’re officially in fall season – my favorite season!! You might have seen a lot of online activity from SDF in recent weeks, which just points to how busy we’ve been… and how much more is coming up right around the corner. To recap:

  • Meridian 2022 is fast approaching, and we’ve updated the site with a lot of new speakers and sessions, including a keynote speaker who I’m VERY excited to talk to – find out who it is here, and of course, don’t forget to register!
  • I spent more time in DC, this time testifying in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry for a hearing on the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act (DCCPA). As SDF continues to participate in these conversations, we hope to be able to move the needle on establishing much-needed clarity in the digital assets industry. 
  • The first deadline to be considered for participation in the SCF#11 Startup Bootcamp just passed, but you can still submit your project to SCF#11 before the final deadline on October 30th, or get involved in Community Discussion on the SCF Discord once the first batch of selected candidates are published on October 10th. 
  • The Stellar Matching Fund recently invested $500k in fintech and DFS Lab bootcamp participant Stax to support their efforts in building an affordable, borderless mobile wallet on the Stellar blockchain. Read more about the news here
  • Justin, Tomer, and I continue to share our thoughts on all things blockchain:
    • I spoke with Sigal Mandelker of Ribbit Capital on my podcast ‘block by block.’ We discuss everything from how Sigal’s public sector experience impacts her work with founders, to keeping crypto innovation in the U.S. with a focus on good policy and strong venture backing.
    • Tomer continues his tech talks, this time with Sung Choi (Coinme’s Senior Vice President of Strategy) and Fabrice Dautriat (Head of Developer Ecosystem).
    • In Justin’s latest issue of the Soft Fork Bulletin, he writes about the challenges of blockchain state growth, which seems more relevant than ever in light of Ethereum’s recent Merge. 

And that’s just the first block on the chain… stay tuned for some more exciting developments as we head into next month.


Stellar: Efficient by Design

Sustainability and efficiency are integral to Stellar by design. Via the Stellar Consensus Protocol, a low-energy consensus mechanism achieved through Proof-of-Agreement (PoA), the Stellar network is designed to connect financial systems so they can work together seamlessly. Download our newly released report to learn more about a first-of-its-kind assessment framework in measuring electricity consumption across different blockchain protocols.

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Fintech Stax Gets Additional Backing from Stellar Development Foundation to Build Affordable Borderless Payment Solution in Africa

Stax, a universal money app developed by Hover Developer Services, Inc. to enable users across Africa to access their bank accounts, and mobile wallets in one place without using mobile data, has received $500,000 from the Stellar Development Foundation’s Matching Fund to support Stax in building an affordable, borderless mobile wallet on the Stellar blockchain.

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Where Ideas Come to Life: Why I'm Excited About Meridian

Stellar Development Foundation CEO Denelle Dixion is looking forward to Meridian, Stellar’s annual conference happening in Rome October 11-13. This year’s theme is The Urgency of Doing, because we know the challenges we face need urgent solutions and committed people to make them reality.

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Stellar Spotlighted on Capitol Hill

SDF CEO and Executive Director Denelle Dixon testified in front of the United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry for a hearing on the Digital Commodities Consumer Protection Act (DCCPA). The bipartisan legislation was created to empower the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as the authority to oversee digital commodities.

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USDC on Stellar: Built for Global Payments

Banks, fintechs and exchanges can now leverage the infrastructure, speed, and low cost of the Stellar network to access a truly global digital dollar, USD Coin (USDC). Purpose-built for payments, the Stellar network delivers and instantly exchanges the world’s digital currencies, at scale.

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How SCF Winner Vitreous Makes Fundraising Transparent with Blockchain

SCF #11’s first submission deadline is fast approaching. To commemorate this exciting event, we hearkened back to SCF #10 and spoke to Matus Vojcik, SCF winner and founder of Vitreous, a transparent fundraising platform built on Stellar. Take a gander to learn about Matus’s business and his experience with SCF – it may even give you inspiration for your own blockchain-based project!

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Money20/20: Join SDF’s Exclusive Breakfast Session

Going to Money20/20 this October? Register for an exclusive breakfast session on Tuesday, 10/25 hosted by the Stellar Development Foundation. Learn how Stellar built a first-of-its-kind global network of cash-to-crypto on & off ramps, discussions on sustainability and efficiency in blockchain, and hear from companies themselves building on Stellar today.

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How SCF Winner Beans is Perfecting Payments

Hear from former SCF winner, Beans, and learn what makes a winning project and how SCF has opened doors for them.

What is Beans? Beans is a non-custodial wallet app that enables people to send money internationally at zero fees. Founded by fintech entrepreneur Wouter Arkink, Beans aims to be the digital blockchain wallet that even your parents can use, no problem.

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SCF Winner LINK Doubles Down on Digital Financial Infrastructure

Wishing to solve the problem of fractured financial systems in Africa, LINK set out to establish the foundation of a digital cross-border payments infrastructure while offering streamlined B2B and P2P products. 

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Bitwage Helps Remote Workers Get Paid with USDC on Stellar

Let’s explore what Bitwage does to help the rest of the Stellar ecosystem. The value it brings is real-life usage of Stellar: helping people get paid, saving money, supporting their families, and choosing how they want to access their savings.

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"We Must Prioritize Interoperability Going Forward:” SDF’s Response to Treasury's Request for Comment

Now is the time to refocus the conversation on how blockchain technology can benefit those left behind because it has the potential to improve the current financial system and create new opportunities, but only if we are open to exploring all its possibilities.

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Experiment with Payment Channels on Stellar

With Protocol 19 in place, Stellar users and builders are free to explore the wondrous world of payment channels! And even experiment with Starlight — SDF’s very own Layer 2 payment channel protocol.

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Stellar Ramps: Access Stellar’s On & Off Ramps with a Single Integration

Stellar Ramps is a suite of open standards enabling your application to connect to a global network of on and off ramps provided by Stellar anchors. Anchors, financial institutions that bridge Stellar to traditional payment rails, enable users to on-ramp or exchange local fiat for digital assets onto the Stellar network, or vice versa, and then use a wallet to transact with and store their assets.

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Submissions open for SCF#11!

Submissions are open for the 11th round of the Stellar Community Fund! Apply to the SCF with your Stellar-based project before one of the submission deadlines Sept 25 & Oct 30 and request the budget you need to realize your vision. ‍

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Soroban: Preview Release #2

We're excited to share the second preview release of Soroban™. Soroban is a new smart contracts platform designed for scalability and sensibility. We shared the first preview release last month. Since then, we've heard a ton of great feedback from developers experimenting with writing smart contracts. This has helped us to continue to refine the platform and add new features to extend its functionality. 

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What's New with Stellar Dev Docs

Stellar’s developer documentation has a new look and fresh content! Of course, updates have always been made to the docs as changes and new features affect the network. However, this update is much more significant and features a new structure, updated documentation, and additional sections. 

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What’s In a Name? Why Consumers Need Stablecoin Standards

Only with a federal or even global standard for stablecoins can we truly begin to deliver clarity to consumers. A legally established and enforceable stablecoin definition will go a long way to building the trust required for this technology to be a viable payment alternative ready for mass adoption.

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Meridian 2022: You Ask, We Answer

We are so close to the start of Meridian 2022, our annual conference! Before we pack our luggage last minute, remind ourselves not to forget our passports, and arrive at the airport way too close to boarding, we thought it’d be helpful to set expectations and remind everyone of what they can look forward to when attending Meridian.

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How Transparent Environmental Sustainability is Good for Business and Blockchain

Blockchain technology provides innovative new ways to create economic models around carbon removal that support far greater and faster scale. The data that proves removal can be stored in the blockchain, and digital assets that represent the carbon removed can be traded with virtually zero transaction fees, opening up the market to new participants.

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Tech Talks with Tomer: Securing Digital Assets with Ledger's Fabrice Dautriat

In this episode, Tomer chats with Fabrice Dautriat, Head of Developer Ecosystem at Ledger. Fabrice Dautriat is an engineer who started his crypto journey five years ago. He first joined Ledger as a Product Manager for Hardware Wallet applications and is responsible for integrating a variety of different projects with Ledger and orchestrating the platform approach Ledger is building.

Block by Block: Keeping crypto innovation in the U.S. with policy, ft. Sigal Mandelker of Ribbit Capital

Sigal Mandelker, lawyer and longtime public servant, served as Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, and held many other senior positions throughout her distinguished government career. Now at Ribbit Capital, a VC focused on financial services and technology, she’s leveraging that experience to help change the world of finance. She sits down with Denelle to share what motivated her early on in her career, her approach to engaging with industry for better outcomes, and how that public sector experience impacts her work with founders now.

The Soft Fork Bulletin Issue #3: Screaming at a Wall: The Challenge of Blockchain State Growth

Stellar developers are in the process of building a smart contracts platform called Soroban, and as part of that work, they've started having open discussions about how to prevent state growth. 

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