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Stellar Social Club


What is the Stellar Social Club?

Introducing the Stellar Social Club. Let’s break it down. At the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), we get it. Real community engagement goes beyond the basics. It’s more than just responding to your Discord message, following you back on Twitter, or catching up at an event once a year. And we know that YOU, the Stellar community, are the ones who support the network regardless of market volatility, regulatory challenges, or published Tweets that could have used an edit button.

The formation of the Stellar Social Club is our way of giving back to you and building a tight-knit community. It’s better than Fight Club because, duh, we’re staying true to decentralization. Anyone can join, and of course, not only can you talk about it, but we encourage you to. Maybe not as cool as Avengers? I mean… that soundtrack, though. (Stroopy does give Groot a run for his money.)

Our Cause

Why you should join

Think of it like this: the Stellar Social Club is a place to make connections with other builders, those who are crazy passionate about the Stellar network, and the people behind the scenes at SDF. Point is, trust, communication, and connection are at the heart of it all.


Let's talk about how to join the club

Step 1

🤝 Get involved on social media: Join the Stellar Social Club by following @Stellarorg on Twitter and LinkedIn. We will keep you regularly updated throughout our channels.

Step 2

🔔 If you really want to impress us, stay in the loop with our newsletter. It's your ticket to Stellar insights, culture highlights, and exclusive content. You’ll get the inside scoop, know what's happening in the Stellar world, and stay updated on events, conferences, and webinars.

Step 3

Help us get to know you better. If you're amongst the first 100 to sign up you can get some free swag (shipping not included).

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Check your email to redeem your hat while supplies last

But Wait, There's More

Become a Leader

Congratulations on reaching the end of this page — you're a true scholar already, and you might consider joining the Stellar Social Club's ‘Honor Society'.

Earn your place as a Stellar Ambassador and community leader by enrolling in the Stellar Social Club's Honor Society’ and taking the lead in our community. This is your chance to rise as a leader in the school of blockchain, inspiring the human side of technology.

Get Started:

  • Let us know you're ready to be a Stellar Honor Society leader by emailing [email protected]
  • Participate in upcoming events, engage in innovative discussions, and take on leadership challenges

This is only the beginning! Stay tuned for what’s in store.

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Welcome to the Stellar Social Club community!

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