The Stellar Asset Sandbox: Your Toolkit for Exploring Tokenization

Date and time



Highlighted Speakers

Billy Grenis, Business Development Manager, SDF / Paul Wong, Director of Product, CBDCs and Institutions, SDF / Fabricius Zatti, Engineering Manager, Cheesecake Labs



SDF Hosted

Join the Stellar Development Foundation and Cheesecake Labs on Wednesday, February 15 at 9:00 am PT for a discussion on the recently launched asset issuer's toolkit: the Stellar Asset Sandbox.

Billy Grenis, Business Development Manager at SDF, Paul Wong, Director of Product, CBDCs and Institutions at SDF, and Fabricius Zatti, Engineering Manager at Cheesecake Labs will talk through how to use and experiment with the Stellar Asset Sandbox, and demonstrate the ease and unique features of issuing assets on Stellar.