Open Protocol Discussion

Date and time



Highlighted Speakers

Nicolas Barry, David Mazières, Jed McCaleb, Jonathan Jove, Leigh McCulloch, Orbit Lens, Eric Saunders, Tomer Weller, Tom Quisel, and Justin Rice



SDF Hosted


Join us for the first-ever broadcast of the Open Protocol Discussion, a bi-weekly meeting in which we plan for changes to upcoming versions of the Stellar Protocol. In this week's meeting, we'll focus on Core Advancement Proposals slated for Protocol 14 and cover a few administrative tasks related to the current rollout of Protocol 13.

It's a technical discussion, so if you plan on watching, we advise reading through the following CAPs and issues for context:

Those are in our public Github repo, so if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, you can participate in the advancement of the Stellar protocol by contributing to those issues and CAPs. If you're interested in keeping on top of protocol changes, you can also join the Stellar developers google group: