Creating a Stellar Ecosystem Standard for Send / Receive Transactions

Date and time


Round Table discussion

Highlighted Speakers

Cowrie Integrated Systems, Tempo, SatoshiPay, and the Stellar Development Foundation




Tune in to our first-ever live round-table discussion! The goal: to dig into a new Stellar Ecosystem Proposal (SEP) that defines a standard for seamless Send / Receive Transactions over Stellar. The discussion started on Github, and you can check that out to get caught up.

The gist: right now, there's a widely used ecosystem standard for Deposit / Withdrawal transactions that Stellar anchors and wallets implement to allow users to obtain and redeem Stellar-network tokens in exchange for fiat currencies using their interface of choice.

However, many traditional remittance and business-to-business payments require a different kind of interaction: money moves from a sender's bank account to a recipient's, or from cash on the counter to cash out the door. These Send / Receive transactions skip the deposit and withdrawal steps that underpin SEP-24, and by doing so, present their own set of opportunities and challenges. Currently, there's no standard way to execute them on Stellar; the goal of this experiment is to start to hammer one out live and in public.

Over the course of an hour, listen as representatives from Cowrie, Tempo, Satoshipay, and the Stellar Development Foundation work to create a new Send / Receive SEP. There's a live Q&A at the end, so bring your best questions!

Tune in Thursday 4/16 at 11:30 AM ET / 8:30 AM PT