Webinar: Navigating the Future Stablecoin Market

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Highlighted Speakers

Denelle Dixon, CEO & Executive Director, SDF



According to CCData’s recent Stablecoins & CBDCs research report, stablecoin trading volumes on centralised exchanges rose 4.54% to $1.05tn in January 2024, reaching their highest level for 3 years. The market is rapidly expanding and also growing more complex with popular stablecoin features including not just stability but also security and speed. Currently, stablecoins largely serve as a means of bridging between fiat currencies and digital assets by helping to provide market participants with liquidity for trading and lending. But with major financial firms like PayPal and Société Générale now beginning to issue their own regulated stablecoins, new avenues are opening up. Understanding stablecoins and developing greater awareness of their different risk profiles and distinct features is more important than ever. As many jurisdictions move towards implementing regulatory regimes for stablecoin issuers and the activities for which they are used, there is a renewed urgency to understand the future role of stablecoins in financial markets. How can they be used to bring genuine innovation to retail payment systems and customer experiences? How will stablecoins form part of the wider digital asset ecosystem as tokenisation becomes more widespread across financial markets as a whole? And what will the market structures underpinning these use cases and applications look like in the future – how will issuers sit alongside payment system operators, wholesale platforms and peer-to-peer wallets, and what will be the commercial incentives and drivers for each This webinar will bring together leading experts in the field to explore practical use cases for stablecoins and to discuss and examine what the operating models for stablecoins, their issuers and service providers might look like in the future.


  • Jannah Patchay – Executive Director and Policy Lead, Digital Pound Foundation (Moderator)
  • Teana Baker-Taylor – Non-Executive Director, CryptoUK (Opening Remarks)
  • Denelle Dixon – CEO and Executive Director, Stellar Development Foundation (Keynote)
  • Jonny Fry – Head, Digital Assets Strategy, ClearBank (Panellist)
  • Sean Kiernan – CEO and Founder, Greengage (Panellist)
  • Varun Paul – Senior Director for CBDC and FMI, Fireblocks (Panellist)
  • Andrew Gallucci – Director of Regulatory Strategy, Circle (Panellist)