Global CBDC Challenge webinar: Can CBDCs Truly Enable Financial Inclusion?

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CBDCs have long been touted as the key to unlocking financial inclusion in our world, with their exciting potential to create better payment infrastructures and improve access to global markets. As Latin America rapidly evolves in their quest to become a global innovation hub, what can we expect to see from the region's rising digital currency landscape, and how will the implementation of a rCBDC system benefit Latin America?

Held in conjunction with the Global CBDC Challenge and supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, join this 1 hour webinar to hear perspectives from key stakeholders including central banks, fintechs, government agencies, and more.


Mauricio Tovar (moderator) - Latin America Representative, Tribe Accelerator
Ashley Lannquist - Project Lead, Blockchain & Digital Currency, World Economic Forum
Fabio Pinzón - Chief Technology Officer, Colombian Central Bank
Jason Chlipala - Chief Operating Officer, Stellar Development Foundation
Alan Lim - Head, FinTech Infrastructure Office, Monetary Authority of Singapore
Albi Rodríguez Jaramillo - Head of Ecosystems and Communities, LACChain (IDB Lab)