Driving Inclusion Through Compliance

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Candace Kelly, Amit Sharma




Thanks to anchors, Stellar-built services and apps can provide borderless access to financial infrastructure. However, this free-flow movement of money on the Stellar Network does not relieve businesses from their compliance obligations to guard against fraud, money-laundering, and terrorist financing. In the traditional banking system, the approach to compliance has led to a culture of de-risking and, in turn, financial exclusion. FinClusive offers anchors in the Stellar ecosystem a compliance solution that prioritizes financial inclusion, connects them to the US banking sector, and enables a comprehensive toolkit to meet required financial crimes compliance requirements.

Join this webinar to learn more about how FinClusive’s work with anchors in the Stellar ecosystem meets compliance obligations while adhering to the principle of inclusion. FinClusive and SDF share a common goal to create greater access to the global financial infrastructure through compliant and secure means. Together, FinClusive and the Stellar ecosystem provide a comprehensive compliance layer and accessible digital payments rail. We’ll also leave time to take questions from attendees.

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