Digital Asset and CBDC Compliance panel

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Highlighted Speakers

Jason Chlipala, COO, Stellar Development Foundation


The past years have seen the total cryptocurrency market cap exceed $2 trillion and over 80 countries engage in CBDC research, development, or testing. This explosion in popularity of digital assets – from cryptocurrencies to stablecoins and CBDCs – has caught the attention of the public, businesses, and governments. Additionally, many central banks and international bodies have closely examined (or are in the process of closely examining) the vast implications of CBDCs. The advent and adoption of new financial technologies has raised important regulatory questions, while also promising to digitize payments and create new economic opportunities.

SDF COO Join Jason Chlipala at the BSN Global Partnership Conference for a panel on the future of CBDCs and digital assets.


  • Marta Belcher, Chair, Filecoin Foundation and the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web; General Counsel, Protocol Labs; Special Counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Makoto Takemiya, Co-Founder & CEO, Soramitsu
  • Jason Chlipala, COO, Stellar Development Foundation
  • Laurent Féral-Pierssens, COO, Bitt
  • Jeff Bandman, Co-Founder & Board Member, Global Digital Finance (GDF)
  • Moderator: Mercina Tillemann, COO, GBBC