DeFi Summer Hackathon by Minority Programmers Association

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SDF is sponsoring DeFi Summer, a hackathon hosted by the Minority Programmers Association to foster engagement in the DeFi community and further access for anyone to the global financial system. DeFi Summer Hacks is running all summer long, with educational programming from various protocol sponsors, bounties for building on specific protocols, and judging at the end. Teams will be able to attend workshops in June to learn more about Stellar and other sponsors, and build full-on POCs throughout July and half of August. SDF awards $3000 worth of XLM in prizes to the top 3 projects

Build a project on Stellar that solves a specific real-world problem.

The way the global financial establishment is structured today, people are born into an economy just like they’re born into a political system. Stellar is a way out: it lets people participate in a worldwide, stable financial network regardless of where they live. In this challenge, your job is to build a project on the Stellar test network that solves a specific real-world problem. Examples include Uhuru Wallet, a WhatsApp based wallet that allows for sending intra-African payments, Vibrant, a dollar-savings app for Argentines, and DSTOQ, which makes investing accessible and affordable for people in emerging markets.

About Minority Programmers Association

The Minority Programmers Association is an international network of community activists, students, professionals, and developers, unifying together to develop socially impactful software solutions and empower underrepresented communities through STEM education.