Anchor Basics: The Business and Benefits of Anchors on the Stellar Network

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Highlighted Speakers

Denelle Dixon, Jed McCaleb, Boris Reznikov




Anchors are a fundamental part of the Stellar network. They connect the network to traditional banking rails so that all the world's currencies can interoperate on a single, seamless platform. By providing access to local on/off ramps, they empower the apps and services built on Stellar to provide borderless access to financial infrastructure.

Join this webinar to learn more about the business of being an anchor, the value they bring to the network, the opportunities that emerge for anchors, and how becoming an anchor is easier than ever before. The discussion will be led by Stellar Development Foundation leaders Jed McCaleb, co-Founder and Chief Architect; Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director; and Boris Reznikov, Director of Business Development and Partnerships. Register now to learn more about the business and benefits of becoming an anchor.