Achieving Network Effects on an Open Network

Date and time

Highlighted Speakers

Denelle Dixon, Lin-Hua Wu, Ronaldo Lemos, Keith Rabois, Jed McCaleb

SDF Hosted



Unlike a linear growth model, the value of network effects is exponential when it comes to building solutions and businesses. But achieving network effects is no easy feat, especially in blockchain. Success requires: substantial resources and talent, a solution that builds user trust and adoption, effective leadership, and a strong network.

In this special roundtable, board members of the Stellar Development Foundation will come together to discuss the implications of network effects and share their expertise on how to accomplish this value-growth model in blockchain. They will also explore the potential of building on an open network like the Stellar network. We’ll also leave time to take questions from attendees.

This webinar will be led by:
- Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director
- Lin-Hua Wu, Chief Communications Officer, Dropbox
- Ronaldo Lemos, Chief Scientific Officer, Institute for Technology & Society of Rio de Janeiro
- Keith Rabois, General Partner, Founders Fund
- Jed McCaleb, Co-Founder and Chief Architect

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