Blog Guidelines

We believe the network is enhanced by collaboration and communication across the individuals building and using Stellar. The Stellar Community blog is intended to be a place for everyone to share insights, tips, and updates about everything related to Stellar.

The “Do”s

  • Articles should be in English (unless specifically intended for a niche demographic). Our editorial team will help with proper localization and grammar, but please do your best to make your piece readable.
  • Articles should be focused on education and innovation. Original, fresh content is highly encouraged. Good articles will frame a problem and provide a solution, or give a clear breakdown of complex concepts and insights.
  • Articles should focus on technology, community, ecosystem, or philosophy surrounding Stellar. While it’s okay to talk about your/a project, your article should provide value outside of base descriptions.
  • Images are valuable! Authors are highly encouraged to provide relevant images within their articles. Examples of these images include: screenshots, gifs, event photos, etc. Please do not just pull images from Google. Be sure to properly attribute images you include that you have no created.
  • Articles should include links to sources. If your article is heavily research-driven or reliant on other works, it’s especially important to include attribution.
  • Articles should be around at least 600 words.

The “Do Not”s

  1. Do not submit articles that point to ongoing asset sales, ICOs, referral programs, or affiliate links.
  2. Do not submit speculative articles, price or price prediction articles, or “why X should buy Y” articles.
  3. Do not submit announcements of announcements, short update blogs, or substanceless marketing hype pieces.
  4. Do not submit articles attacking others. Please adhere to the SDF Code of Conduct.
  5. Do not submit other people’s work.

Submission Instructions

  1. Reach out to [email protected] with subject line “Stellar Community Blog Submission”.
  2. Send a link to your Medium draft or Google Docs draft. You will need to have a Medium account for publication. Please make sure to send your Medium username as well if you are sending a Google Doc.
  3. We will review the draft and a) send notes with revisions or suggested edits and b) let you know the draft has been approved.
  4. Once approved, we will invite you to be a writer of the Stellar Community publication on Medium.
  5. Once you’ve accepted the writer invitation, submit the draft to the “Stellar Community Blog” publication.

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